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Information about your PDF

PDF Online does not preserve hyperlinks

If you'd like to preserve the hyperlinks in your MSWord document, please use BCL easyPDF Printer. BCL easyPDF Printer installs a special PDF button in your MSWord 2000 or up. Clicking on that button will show you the "Preserve Hyperlinks" option.



PDF Online reduces image resolution

PDF Online reduces the resolution of all of the bitmap images in your document. It will be suitable for online viewing, but it may not be for high-resolution printing.

If you need your PDF to be used as part of a high-end printing process, you need to use BCL easyPDF Printer.

In BCL easyPDF Printer, simply turn off the "Downsize image" option to preserve your high-resolution images (see screenshot below)




PDF Online leaves PDF metadata, which is indexable by Google, empty

PDF Online leaves your PDF metadata empty. It stores information about your PDF (such as the Title, Author, Keywords) and Google use the information there to display its search result.

To create PDF with your own Metadata, use BCL easyPDF Printer. (see screenshot below)




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