easyPDF Printer User Manual
easyPDF Printer User Manual
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All of the properties in the Layout Tab (including the "Advanced..." button) are for the host application to pre-process the document before sending it to easyPDF Printer. For example, if you select "Landscape," the host application (e.g. MS Word) is going to reformat your document into landscape prior to sending it to easyPDF Printer for "printing" to PDF.


This option allows you to set the orientation of the page when it is converted into PDF:

Advanced Layout Options

Click [Advanced..] from the Layout Tab to access advanced layout options:


Use this option to specify the output page size.


Resolution: Specifies the print resolution. Measured in dots per inch (dpi), higher resolutions produce graphic image that are sharper and show finer details, while lower resolutions permit faster printing and lesser details.

Scaling: Specifies whether to reduce or enlarge documents, and by what percentage. Specifying less than 100 percent reduces the size of the text and images on the page, while specifying more than 100 percent enlarges them. When you increase scaling to more than 100 percent, you might need to use a larger paper size for printing because only the portion of the text that fits on the page will print.


Specifies to print the document in color or grayscale.