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Licensing and Registering
System Requirements
Customer Support
Getting Started
Creating PDF
After Creating PDF
Reducing PDF File Size
PDF Creation Properties
Font and Image
PDF Security and Digital Signature
Watermark and Digital Stamp
Meta Data
PDF Standards (PDF/A/X)
Hyperlink and Bookmarks
Overview of the Advanced Properties

You can access easyPDF Printer's Properties from the Properties dialog box (except MS Word Hyperlinks and PDF Bookmarks , which have to be accessed from within MS Word 2000 or later).

  • Layout
    All of the properties in the Layout Tab (including the "Advanced..." button) are for the host application (e.g. MS Word) to pre-process the document before sending it to easyPDF Printer for printing.
  • Font and Image
    Use these options to specify how to convert the fonts and images in your documents into PDF. The file size of your output PDF is largely determined by the options you choose in this dialog box.
  • Security and Digital Signature
    The PDF security settings change the viewing, extracting, printing, and form filling permissions of your output PDF document. You can also apply Digital Signature to your PDF file which identifies you as the author of the document pretty much same as the conventional handwritten signature does.
  • Watermark and Digital Stamp
    Use PDF watermark (text) and digital stamp (image) to add extra protections to your PDF document.
  • Meta Data
    Use PDF Meta Data to add document information to your PDF, such as the title, author, subject, etc.
  • Viewer
    Use these options to customize the initial view of the PDF Reader software when your audiences open your PDF document.
  • General
    Use these options to set easyPDF Printer general behaviors, such as the location of the output directory.
  • Standards
    Use these options to set PDF/A-1b, PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 conformance for long term archiving and reliable pre-press data interchange.


Accessing the properties dialog box just before you print


Simply click on the [Properties] button next to the printer name.



Accessing the properties dialog box from the Control Panel


  • Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Printers


  • Then right-click on the "easyPDF Printer," and click on the [Properties] button.
  • In the Properties dialog box, click on the [Printing Preferences] button.







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