easyPDF Printer User Manual
easyPDF Printer User Manual
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Creating PDF

easyPDF Printer is basically a PDF Printer that installs just like a regular printer, so you can "print" i.e. convert your document to PDF from any application or format as you would print to a standard printer.

For example, to create a PDF file from a Word document, you do these following steps:

1. Open the document in MS Word

2. Go to File > Print

3. Select "easyPDF Printer 8" as the printer

4. Click the "OK" button to start the printing process

5. During the printing process, you will be asked where to store or save the PDF file (by default, easyPDF Printer will choose your Desktop as the target folder). Simply specify the PDF filename, select a folder location, and click the "Save" button.

6. After the PDF creation process is done, the PDF file will be automatically opened.