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Licensing and Registering
System Requirements
Customer Support
Getting Started
Creating PDF
After Creating PDF
Reducing PDF File Size
PDF Creation Properties
Font and Image
PDF Security and Digital Signature
Watermark and Digital Stamp
Meta Data
PDF Standards (PDF/A/X)
Hyperlink and Bookmarks
System Requirements


Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP3 and later)
  • Microsoft Windows XP - 32-bit edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP - 64-bit edition
  • Microsoft Windows Vista - 32-bit edition
  • Microsoft Windows Vista - 64-bit edition


For PDF Creation:

easyPDF Printer requires the actual application that is used to display or create the original document to be running (e.g. to convert .wpd files into PDF, you need to be able to run Wordperfect, open the document, and print it to PDF using easyPDF Printer).


For converting MS Word Hyperlink and creating PDF Bookmarks:

During installation, easyPDF Printer installs a PDF button in MS Word 2000 or later version. If MS Word 2000 or later is not available in your machine, you will not be able to convert MS Word hyperlink or create PDF Bookmarks from MS Word Styles.

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