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Can I encrypt a PDF file to prevent it from being saved?

Last Updated: 3/21/2014


Okay, a bit more seriously, no, easyPDF SDK cannot in any way control whether a PDF file is saved to a new file, and neither can Adobe Acrobat. If you look in a Acrobat PDF's Security tab on it's properties page you will see no options regarding saving that PDF, because even if you did disable Adobe Acrobat Reader's ability to save the file you would still have the ability to manually copy the pdf outside of reader using Copy and Paste. As such, Adobe Acrobat didn't bother trying to program this limitation as they understood it would only stop the people who aren't interested in saving the file in the first place.

BCL's easyPDF SDK can prevent the PDF file from being modified and then having those modifications saved. easyPDF SDK can also prevent the file from being Printed. However saving is outside of easyPDF SDK, or even Adobe Acrobat's control.

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