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I get this Error "Font embedding failed"

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

Some files may fail to convert and report that "Font Embedding Failed".  This is not, strictly speaking, an error in our conversion method, but is instead a legal issue related to PDF/X/A PDFs.  When you convert a document and enforce PDF/X/A compliance this requires that all fonts be embedded, as the entire purpose of PDF/X/A Compliance is to ensure the pdf can be displayed no matter what the computer's state, whether it has the required fonts or not.

Unfortunately, some Fonts are legally restricted, meaning you cannot embed them into the PDF without a valid license to do so.  This prevents us from embedding the font, and unfortunately thus also prevents us from enforcing PDF/X/A Compliance.  As such, when you attempt to embed these fonts into the pdf, BCL’s easy PDF SDK must show error out the conversion for Legal Reasons, as the alternative is violating International Law in such a way that it opens both ourselves and our clients up to potential lawsuits.

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