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Easy PDF API Can we convert xlsx and docx files?

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2014

First of all, you need to download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack from http://www.microsoft.com . Follow the instructions from Microsoft to install the pack.

The XLSX or DOCX files can be converted to pdf using Easy PDF API PrinterMonitor object.

Run our sample code from:

  • C:\Program Files\BCL Technologies\easyPDF SDK 7\Samples\Visual Basic\Printer(Client)

or for C#:

  • C:\Program Files\BCL Technologies\easyPDF SDK 7\Samples\Visual C#\PrinterMonitorTest

Run the exe application on this folder, and open up the xlsx or docx file. Once the associated application is ready, click "file->print" from the file menu and choose "easyPDF 7 SDK" for the printer name and click "Print".

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