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ImageQuality Property

Get/Set image quality.

int ImageQuality { get; set; }

Property ImageQuality As Integer

def getImageQuality(self)
def setImageQuality(self, value)
int getImageQuality() throws PDFConverterException
void setImageQuality(int value) throws PDFConverterException
function getImageQuality() 
function setImageQuality($value) 
BclCnvResult GetImageQuality(BclPDFConverter* pConverter, int* poutVal);
BclCnvResult SetImageQuality(BclPDFConverter* pConverter, int newVal);
Property ImageQuality As Long

bepconv -quality <int>


Long (percent)


The allowed value range is from 5 to 100 with 100 being the highest quality.
Note: This property is used only when the ImageFormat property is set to JPEG or TIFF with JPEG compression.

Example Usage

Set oConverter = CreateObject("easyPDF.PDFConverter.8")
Set oPDF2Image = oConverter.PDF2Image
oPDF2Image.ImageResolution = 72
oPDF2Image.ImageColor = CNV_IMAGE_CLR_24BIT
oPDF2Image.ImageFormat = CNV_IMAGE_FMT_JPEG
oPDF2Image.ImageQuality = 85
oPDF2Image.Convert "C:\test\input.pdf", "C:\test\output.jpg"