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PDFConverter Object Description

This object represents an easyPDF PDF Converter. This is the entry point for accessing all of the easyPDF PDF Converter features. This object lets you convert PDF files into different format. This object currently supports PDF to image (BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF) conversion.

COM Object Identifiers

ProgID easyPDF.PDFConverter.8
CLSID D52617EC-751F-490E-B180-6FB99B42D2BB
TypeLib UUID 33E0AF63-1637-451E-9EA7-B0501D39847F

Object Namespaces

COM, C++ EasyPDFConverter
.NET COM BCL.easyPDF8.Interop.EasyPDFConverter
Native .NET BCL.easyPDF.PDFConverter
Java COM com.bcl.easypdf.EasyPDFConverter.*
Native Java com.bcl.easypdf.converter.*

Example Usage (VB)

Set oConverter = CreateObject("easyPDF.PDFConverter.8")
Set oPDF2Image = oConverter.PDF2Image
oPDF2Image.Convert inFileName, outFileName

Visual C++

In modern versions of Visual C++, easyPDF Converter should be imported the following way:

#import "progid:easyPDF.PDFConverter.8"

If you need to support multiple versions of Visual Studio, we recommend this solution:

#if _MSC_VER <= 1200 // VC6 or older
#import "c:\Program Files\Common Files\BCL Technologies\easyPDF 8\bepconv.dll"
#import "progid:easyPDF.PDFConverter.8"

Native .NET API

There is now a 100% native .NET API for easyPDF Converter, which is strongly recommended over the traditional COM objects.

All native .NET declarations and sample code have a light yellow background color, like this:

using(PDFConverter converter = new PDFConverter())
   converter.PDF2Image.Convert(@"c:\test\input.pdf", @"c:\test\output.jpg");

Native Java API

There is now a 100% native Java API for easyPDF Processor, which is strongly recommended over the traditional JACOB Java COM bridge.

All native Java declarations and sample code have a light red background color, like this:

PDFConverter converter = new PDFConverter();
   converter.getPDF2Image().Convert("c:\\test\\input.pdf", "c:\\test\\output.jpg");
catch(PDFConverterException e)