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RadiosInUnison Property

See if a group of radio buttons will turn on and off in unison.


Boolean (read-only)


If RadiosInUnison = False, radio buttons belonging to the same group are mutually exclusive, like HTML or Windows radio buttons; only one radio button in the same group can be checked at a time.

If RadiosInUnison = True, radio buttons belonging to the same group and sharing the same ItemValue turn on and off in unison; that is if one is checked, they are all checked.

Example Usage

Set oDocument = CreateObject("easyPDF.PDFDocument.8")
oDocument.Open "c:\test\input.pdf"
Set oFormFields = oDocument.FormFields
For Each oFormField In FormFields
    Select Case oFormField.Type
        Case easyPDFDocument.docFormFieldType.DOC_FRMTYPE_RADIO
            Set oRadioField = oFormField
            If oRadioField.RadiosInUnison Then
                MsgBox "RadiosInUnison is on"
                MsgBox "RadiosInUnison is off"
            End If
    End Select
Next oFormField
oDocument.Close False