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AddDigitalSignature Method

Add digital signature to an existing PDF file.

Sub AddDigitalSignature(InputFileName As String,
                         OutputFileName As String,
                         DigIDFilename As String,
                         DigIDPassword As String,
                         Contact As String,
                         Location As String,
                         Purpose As String,
                         Visible As Boolean,
                         Zoom As Double,
                         Left As Double,
                         Top As Double,
                         ImageFileName As String)

void AddDigitalSignature(string InputFileName,
                          string OutputFileName,
                          string DigIDFilename,
                          string DigIDPassword,
                          string Contact,
                          string Location,
                          string Purpose,
                          bool Visible,
                          double Zoom,
                          double Left,
                          double Top,
                          string ImageFileName)

void AddDigitalSignature(String InputFileName,
                          String OutputFileName,
                          String DigIDFilename,
                          String DigIDPassword,
                          String Contact,
                          String Location,
                          String Purpose,
                          boolean Visible,
                          double Zoom,
                          double Left,
                          double Top,
                          String ImageFileName) throws PDFProcessorException


Return Values



Note 1: Coordinate system information:

  1. The unit size of PDF user space is 1/72 inch (1 inch = 72 PDF user space unit).
  2. The location of the origin (0, 0) is at top-left corner.

Example Usage

Set oProcessor = CreateObject("easyPDF.PDFProcessor.8")
oProcessor.AddDigitalSignature "C:\test\original.pdf", _
                                "C:\test\results.pdf", _
                                "C:\test\my_dgtl_id.pfx", _
                                "1234", _
                                "Contact Info", _
                                "Location Info", _
                                "Purpose Info", _
                                True, _
                                100, _
                                200, _
                                200, _