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GetDigitalSignatureInformation Method

Gets digital signature information from a PDF file.

Function GetDigitalSignatureInformation(InputFileName As String,
                                         [TimeZone]) As Boolean

bool GetDigitalSignatureInformation(string InputFileName,
                                     string Password,
                                     out string Name,
                                     out string Date,
                                     out string Time,
                                     out string TimeZone)

DigitalSignatureInfo GetDigitalSignatureInformation(String InputFileName, String Password) throws PDFProcessorException

Where DigitalSignatureInfo is a utility class:

public class DigitalSignatureInfo
   public boolean isPresent;
   public String name;
   public String date;
   public String time;
   public String timeZone;


Return Values

True if the digital signature informations is found; False otherwise.


Note: This method merely checks digital signature existence; it does not check whether the signature is valid or not.

Example Usage

Set oProcessor = CreateObject("easyPDF.PDFProcessor.8")

bExist = oProcessor.GetDigitalSignatureInformation "C:\test\input.pdf", _
                                                   Name := sName, _
                                                   Date := sDate, _
                                                   Time := sTime, _
                                                   TimeZone := sTimeZone
If bExist Then
    MsgBox "Signature Information: " + vbLf + vbLf + _
           "Name: " + sName + vbLf + _
           "Date: " + sDate + vbLf + _
           "Time: " + sTime + vbLf + _
           "TimeZone: " + sTimeZone
    MsgBox "Signature does not exist"
End If