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GetPageRotation Method

Gets page rotation information from a PDF file.

prcPageRotation GetPageRotation(string InputFileName, int Page)

Function GetPageRotation(InputFileName As String, _
                         Page As Integer) As prcPageRotation

def GetPageRotation(self, InputFileName, Page)

prcPageRotation GetPageRotation(String InputFileName,
                                int Page) throws PDFProcessorException

function GetPageRotation($InputFileName, $Page) 

BclPrcResult GetPageRotation(const BclPDFProcessorSettings* pSettings,
                             const wchar_t* InputFileName,
                             int Page,
                             BclPrcPageRotation* poutVal);
Function GetPageRotation(InputFileName As String, _
                         Page As Long) As prcPageRotation


Return Values

Page rotation value. One of the values specified in prcPageRotation.


The page number uses zero-based index, meaning that page number starts from 0.

Example Usage

Set oProcessor = CreateObject("easyPDF.PDFProcessor.8")
rot = oProcessor.GetPageRotation("C:\test\input.pdf", 0)
Select Case rot
    Case PRC_ROT_0_DEG
        nRotation = 0
    Case PRC_ROT_90_DEG
        nRotation = 90
    Case PRC_ROT_180_DEG
        nRotation = 180
    Case PRC_ROT_270_DEG
        nRotation = 270
End Select
MsgBox "Page rotation: " + CStr(nRotation)