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SetDocumentInfoXMP Method

Sets document information into a PDF file. This method provides addition to metadata setting similar to SetDocumentInfo, for use with Adobe Acrobat 8.0 and above.

Adobe Acrobat 8.0 and above use Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) which is a standard for processing and storing standardized and proprietary metadata.

void SetDocumentInfoXMP(string Title,
                        string Author,
                        string Subject,
                        string Keywords,
                        string Creator)

Sub SetDocumentInfoXMP(Title As String, _
                       Author As String, _
                       Subject As String, _
                       Keywords As String, _
                       Creator As String)

def SetDocumentInfoXMP(self, Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Creator)

void SetDocumentInfoXMP(String Title,
                        String Author,
                        String Subject,
                        String Keywords,
                        String Creator) throws PDFProcessorException

function SetDocumentInfoXMP($Title, $Author, $Subject, $Keywords, $Creator) 

BclPrcResult SetDocumentInfoXMP(BclPDFProcessorHandle* pHandle,
                                const wchar_t* Title,
                                const wchar_t* Author,
                                const wchar_t* Subject,
                                const wchar_t* Keywords,
                                const wchar_t* Creator);

Sub SetDocumentInfoXMP([Title], _
                        [Author], _
                        [Subject], _
                        [Keywords], _

bepproc +Metadata [-title <string>]
                  [-author <string>]
                  [-subject <string>]
                  [-keywords <string>]
                  [-creator <string>]
                  [-forceXMP [on|off]]
                  [-xmp [on|off]]


Return Values



Document information can be viewed by selecting the "File"->"Document Properties" menu from Adobe Reader.

Example Usage in VBScript

Set oProcessor = CreateObject("easyPDF.PDFProcessor.8")
Set oProcessorHandle = oProcessor.OpenFile("C:\test\input.pdf", "C:\test\output.pdf")

oProcessorHandle.SetDocumentInfoXMP Title:="Title here", _
                                    Author:="Author here", _
                                    Subject:="Subject here", _
                                    Keywords:="Keywords here", _
                                    Creator:="Creator here"

Example Usage in VB.NET

Dim oProcessor As PDFProcessor = New PDFProcessor
Dim oProcessorHandle As PDFProcessorHandle = oProcessor.OpenFile("C:\test\input.pdf", "C:\test\output.pdf")

oProcessorHandle.SetDocumentInfoXMP("Title here", _
                                       "Author here", _
                                       "Subject here", _
                                       "Keywords here", _
                                       "Creator here")

Example Usage in C#

PDFProcessor oProcessor = new PDFProcessor();
PDFProcessorHandle oProcessorHandle = oProcessor.OpenFile(@"C:\test\input.pdf", @"C:\test\output.pdf", null);

oProcessorHandle.SetDocumentInfoXMP("Title here", 
                                       "Author here", 
                                       "Subject here", 
                                       "Keywords here", 
                                       "Creator here");