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NativeOfficePDF Property

ExcelPrintJobEx supports two modes of operation: one printing-based (where easyPDF SDK's printer driver generates the PDF), and one export-based (where Excel itself natively generates the PDF). This property determines which mode of operation is used.




This property is set to False by default. In this printing-based mode, the output PDF is created by the easyPDF SDK printer driver. ExcelPrintJobEx requires .NET 3.0 or higher plus XmlLite (which should install as part of Office 2007) when NativeOfficePDF is False.

When this property is set to True, then ExcelPrintJobEx operates in export-based mode, and the output is a native Excel PDF, meaning Excel directly creates the PDF without doing any printing.

Note on Behavior When NativeOfficePDF is True:

A special mention is warranted regarding how ExcelPrintJobEx behavior changes when NativeOfficePDF is True. Since the conversion never goes through any kind of printing process when NativeOfficePDF is True, any print-time options and settings will not apply. The implications include the following:

Example Usage in VBScript

Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")
Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.ExcelPrintJobEx
oPrintJob.NativeOfficePDF = True
oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\test\input.xls", "C:\test\output.pdf"

Example Usage in VB.NET

Dim oPrinter As Printer = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")
Dim oPrintJob As ExcelPrintJobEx = oPrinter.ExcelPrintJobEx
oPrintJob.NativeOfficePDF = True
oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\test\input.xls", "C:\test\output.pdf"

Example Usage in C#

Printer oPrinter = new Printer();
ExcelPrintJobEx oPrintJob = oPrinter.ExcelPrintJobEx;
oPrintJob.NativeOfficePDF = true;
oPrintJob.PrintOut(@"C:\test\input.xls", @"C:\test\output.pdf");