easyPDF SDK Usermanual
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HorizontalStitching Property

Determines whether content wider than the screen can be captured. The default value is False.




By default, HorizontalStitching is False, meaning content that can be captured in the PDF is limited to the width of the physical screen; any additional content gets cropped.

When HorizontalStitching is set to True, IEExtendedPrintJob will automatically scroll the browser window, capture the individual pieces of the webpage, and stitch them together. This is the only way to capture content that is wider than the screen. If you enable AutoAdjustPaperSize, it is recommended to also enable HorizontalStitching.

Example Usage

'VB Sample Code

Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")

Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.IEExtendedPrintJob

oPrintJob.PageWidth = 8.5
oPrintJob.PageHeight = 11.0
oPrintJob.AutoAdjustPaperSize = True
oPrintJob.HorizontalStitching = True

oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\test\input.htm", "C:\test\output.pdf"

//C# Sample Code

PrinterClass printerObj = new PrinterClass();

IEExtendedPrintJob printJobObj = printerObj.IEExtendedPrintJob;

printJobObj.PageWidth = 8.5;
printJobObj.PageHeight = 11.0;
printJobObj.AutoAdjustPaperSize = false;
printJobObj.HorizontalStitching = true;

printJobObj.PrintOut("http://www.pdfonline.com/", @"C:\test\output.pdf");