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SignatureCreateDigitalID Method

Creates a digital ID.

Sub SignatureCreateDigitalID(IDFileName As String,
                             IDPassword As String,
                             Name As String,
                             Country As String,
                             OrganizationName As String,
                             OrganizationUnit As String,
                             Email As String,
                             KeyLength As prnSigKeyLength)

void SignatureCreateDigitalID(string IDFileName,
                              string IDPassword,
                              string Name,
                              string Country,
                              string OrganizationName,
                              string OrganizationUnit,
                              string Email,
                              prnSigKeyLength KeyLength)

void SignatureCreateDigitalID(String IDFileName,
                              String IDPassword,
                              String Name,
                              String Country,
                              String OrganizationName,
                              String OrganizationUnit,
                              String Email,
                              prnSigKeyLength KeyLength) throws PrinterException


Return Values



This method creates a self-signed digital ID file in PKCS #12 (.pfx) format.

An error is raised if digital ID with the same file name already exist.

Example Usage

Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")
Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob
Set oPDFSetting = oPrintJob.PDFSetting

' Create a digital ID (do this only if you do not have digital ID already)
oPDFSetting.SignatureCreateDigitalID "C:\test\my_digital_id.pfx",  _
                                     "password_here", _
                                     "John Smith", _
                                     "US", _
                                     "Organization Name", _
                                     "Organization Unit", _
                                     "My Email Address", _

' You can retrieve a certificate file from digital ID and
' have other people use it to verify your signed document.
oPDFSetting.SignatureExportCertificate "C:\test\my_certificate.cer", _
                                       "C:\test\my_digital_id.pfx", _

' Enable digital signature
oPDFSetting.Signature = True

' Set digital ID file
oPDFSetting.SignatureDigitalIDFileName = "C:\test\my_digital_id.pfx"

' Insert an image which will visually represent a signature
oPDFSetting.SignatureImage = True
oPDFSetting.SignatureImageFile = "C:\test\signature.bmp"
oPDFSetting.SignatureImagePosLeft = 1.0 ' 1.0 inch from left
oPDFSetting.SignatureImagePosTop = 1.0 ' 1.0 inch from top
oPDFSetting.SignatureImageZoom = 100 ' percent
oPDFSetting.SignatureInfoContact = "Contact info"
oPDFSetting.SignatureInfoLocation = "Location info"
oPDFSetting.SignatureInfoPurpose = "Purpose info"

' Set digital ID password before PDF conversion
oPrintJob.SignatureDigitalIDPassword = "password_here"

oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\test\input.doc", "C:\test\output.pdf"