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StandardPdfXConformance Property

Gets/Sets PDF/X conformance level.

prnPdfXConformance StandardPdfXConformance { get; set; }

Property StandardPdfXConformance As prnPdfXConformance

def getStandardPdfXConformance(self)
def setStandardPdfXConformance(self, value)

prnPdfXConformance getStandardPdfXConformance() throws PrinterException
void setStandardPdfXConformance(prnPdfXConformance value) throws PrinterException

function getStandardPdfXConformance() 
function setStandardPdfXConformance($value) 

BclPrnResult GetStandardPdfXConformance(BclPrinter* pPrinter,
                                        BclPrnPdfXConformance* poutVal);
BclPrnResult SetStandardPdfXConformance(BclPrinter* pPrinter,
                                        BclPrnPdfXConformance newVal);
Property StandardPdfXConformance As prnPdfXConformance

bepprint -pdfx none|X-1a|X-3




Use this property to determine the type of PDF/X output that will be produced.

PDF/X is a standard for digital document exchange that seeks to ensure content prints predictably. It is a subset of version 1.3 of the PDF specification. easyPDF SDK supports the popular PDF/X-1a:2001 and PDF/X-3:2002 standards.

PDF/X requires that all fonts used be embedded into the PDF. Neither semi-transparency, encryption, nor visible annotations in the printable area are allowed. Hence in every PDF/X document, easyPDF SDK will automatically embed font subsets, make transparent watermarks opaque, turn off encryption, and remove all hyperlinks.

PDF/X documents must have a CMYK color profile embedded. The profile used can be set using the StandardCmykProfile property.

Note that easyPDF SDK supports PDF/X output at the time of conversion only (e.g. via its Printer API module). Thus, any content such as digital signatures that need to go into PDF/X files must be applied when the original document is converted to PDF/X. If an existing PDF/X file is modified using the SDK (e.g. using its Processor API and Document API modules), there is no guarantee that the resulting output will remain PDF/X compliant.

Example Usage

Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")
Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob
Set oPDFSetting = oPrintJob.PDFSetting

oPDFSetting.StandardPdfAConformance = PRN_PDFA_CONFORM_NONE
oPDFSetting.StandardPdfXConformance = PRN_PDFX_CONFORM_1A
oPDFSetting.StandardCmykProfile = "USWebCoatedSWOP.icc"

oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\test\input.doc", "C:\test\output.pdf"