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Create .NET HTML to PDF application easy

Create a .NET HTML to PDF converter in a matter of minutes

Seeking the best .NET HTML to PDF library to create high quality PDFs? You have found it! Create customized PDFs from websites or HTML files quickly, painlessly, and accurately. No advanced .NET programming skills are required, and no more reading volumes of SDK documentation. We support a multitude of conversion features and settings.

Use the following code to create .NET HTML to PDF application:

Module TestPrinter
   Sub Main(Args As String())
      If Args.Length <> 2 Then
      End If

      Dim inputFileName As String = Args(0)
      Dim outputFileName As String = Args(1)
      Dim printer As New Printer()
         Dim printjob As PrintJob = printer.PrintJob
         printjob.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName)
      Catch ex As PrinterException
      End Try
   End Sub
End Module

BCL easyPDF SDK is the most powerful PDF SDK for any server or desktop application. Engineers can use it with various versions of the .NET framework to convert multi-style web pages or HTML files to PDF. The accuracy, speed, and flexibility are a result of our PDF printer driver technology. It generates Acrobat compatible high-quality PDF output and supports in-memory processing of PDF files to optimize its performance. Our .NET HTML to PDF APIs are unique in their efficiency and ease of use, without compromising any features. Employ easyPDF SDK to create PDF/A-1b, PDF/X-1a, and PDF/X-3, which are needed for long-term archiving and prepress data interchange.

Our .NET HTML to PDF APIs are compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. easyPDF SDK allows modifying, merging and creating HTML to PDF in .NET with ease. Our robust, built-in error-handling ensures threads run outside of the main thread (i.e. sandboxing), so as to prevent application failure and any hanging conversion processes.

What makes easyPDF SDK the best .NET HTML to PDF converter on the market?

When your programmers need to convert HTML to PDF accurately and easily, easyPDF SDK is the right choice.

  1. easyPDF SDK is a fully sandboxed solution to help design multi-threaded applications that scale to any business needs;
  2. Our API provides a unique set of features to convert HTML to PDF with ultimate accuracy;
  3. Developers can convert HTML to PDF with hyperlinks and resize HTML to any available paper width;
  4. Native APIs don’t require COM objects for the majority of the SDK;
  5. It generates high-quality PDFs without intermediary PostScript files. This translates into much a faster PDF conversion;
  6. Our API also converts Word and Outlook attachments into PDF attachments with a few lines of .NET code.

Our simple User Interface makes building .NET based applications easy. With a variety of settings, it’s up to the user how simple or complex they want their application to be.

Check out more benefits and advantages by downloading .NET HTML to PDF API free trial!

Important PDF features for .NET HTML to PDF

This HTML to PDF SDK provides a high-level API for converting numerous file formats to PDF, modifying existing PDF files, converting PDF files to a variety of image formats, and populating PDF form fields. The toolkit is commercially supported by a team of experts and could be easily used in any .NET application that works with PDF documents.

.NET HTML to PDF API has been engineered by BCL to endure the rigors of server-side use; although it is flexible enough for both desktop and server deployments. A few lines of code are all it is needed to generate and post-process high-quality PDF documents in .NET.

How to work with .NET HTML to PDF converter

To develop your HTML to PDF application, download and install the SDK first. Then open easyPDF SDK’s Action Center to debug your own Applications by running API Explorers. Select all the features you need in PDF Printer Settings, like PDF Metadata, PDF Stamps, PDF Watermarks, PDF Encryption, PDF Signature or PDF Standards. It will take less than a few minutes to build a .NET program or generate code for use with VB, C#, or ASP.NET. One press of the button runs the test program or builds a sample code to convert HTML to PDF.


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Why professionals like our .NET HTML to PDF SDK

 We process approximately 5,000 - 10,000 PDF’s a month and have no issues so far everything has been working out great... 

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