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Use easy PDF SDK to create an App to convert HTML to PDF with .NET code in minutes.

Are you looking for a robust, easy to use PDF SDK to create.NET HTML Apps? BCL’s easy PDF SDK has all the functions you need. With easy PDF SDK, developers can generate customized, accurate PDFs from websites or HTML files quickly. Developers don’t need advanced .NET programming skills nor do they need to spend time reading volumes of SDK documentation. Developers just need to use easy PDF's Action Center that supports a multitude of conversion features and settings.

Here is an example of the simplicity of the PDF creation code:

         Printer printer = new Printer();
            PrintJob printjob = printer.PrintJob;
            printjob.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName);
         catch(PrinterException ex)

BCL easy PDF SDK is the most powerful tool for creating PDF Server and desktop applications Software Developers can use easy PDF SDK with various versions of the .NET framework to convert multi-style web pages or HTML files to PDF. The accuracy, speed, and flexibility of easy PDF SDK are a result of its PDF printer driver technology. Printer driver technology is the same method the largest PDF company uses and produces the most accurate rendition of PDFs from any source. easy PDF SDK allows in-memory processing of PDF for high-performance operation. The .NET HTML to PDF function calls are easy to use and efficient without sacrificing functionality. Developers can use easy PDF SDK to create PDF/A-1b, PDF/X-1a, and PDF/X-3, for long-term archiving and prepress data interchange.

easy PDF's .NET HTML to PDF APIs are available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions allowing developers to create 32-bit and 64-bit PDF applications. easy PDF SDK developers can modify, merge PDF created from HTML. easy PDF has built-in error-handling that allows developers to create robust PDF applications without writing error handling routines. A “sandbox” function that allows an application to threads run outside of the main thread so that any application features do not stop other threads from functioning.

Here are features that make easy PDF SDK the best .NET HTML to PDF converter available to developers.

  1. easy PDF SDK allows fully sandboxed application development to help design multi-threaded applications for scaling to high volume, fast PDF applications.
  2. easy PDF API has a comprehensive set of PDF features to convert HTML to PDF accurately in the format you need.
  3. easy PDF lets developers preserve hyperlinks and formatting information in the HTML
  4. easy PDF SDK generates PDF files directly without intermediate files like Postscript allowing rapid PDF creation.
  5. easy PDF's API allows printing Microsoft Word and Outlook attachments as attachments to the PDF.

easy PDF SDK has a graphical Action center where you can build .NET applications quickly. You can select the settings for PDF output and generate .NET source code or project for downloading.

Download easy PDF SDK and see how simple it is to create HTML to PDF apps in .NET. and see how simple it is to create HTML to PDF apps in .NET.

Here is a sample of the PDF features developers can set:

  1. Printer; Select Printer Settings to adjust the Visual Output of your PDF
  2. PrintJob; Select from a number of different Specialized PrintJob objects to tailor your conversion to your Files
  3. Standards; Convert your documents to PDF files that conform to PDF Standards such as PDF/X-3 and PDF/A1-b
  4. Metadata; Specify Title, Author, and other Meta Data information to be included in your PDF

Here’s how you develop an App to create PDF from HTML

  • First, download and install easy PDF SDK. Run easy PDF SDK’s Action Center.
  • Then select the features you want when you convert your HTML to PDF.
  • Select the .NET language you wish to use.
  • Test your App to verify it works the way you want.
  • Then download the source code or project for including in your application.
  • You will be able to run the Action Center free for 14 days.


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