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C# Generate PDF Library lets you create C# PDF Apps in minutes.

Creating PDF Apps using C# is easy with easy PDF's C# PDF code generator. Using easy PDF SDK’s Action center, pick the PDF features you want and generate the sample C# code and just drop it in your C# PDF application. No need to read any lengthy manuals or other documentation.

The following sample C# code snippet from the Action Center, with default settings, can do the job of a C# PDF app in most cases using BCL.easyPDF.Printer;

namespace TestPrinter
   class Program
      static void Main(string[] args)
         if(args.Length != 2)

         string inputFileName = args[0];
         string outputFileName = args[1];
         Printer printer = new Printer();
            PrintJob printjob = printer.PrintJob;
            printjob.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName);
         catch(PrinterException ex)

easy PDF's advanced printer driver technology built into the C# Generate PDF library yields accurate PDF pages from a variety of input document formats. Coupled with this are the PDF configuration options that help you control the page layout and other PDF properties. The PDF generation engine assures PDF/A and PDF/X compatibility, and also supports 32 bit and 64-bit environments.

PDF SDK is for the enterprise class C# PDF Apps.

easy PDF SDK is full of features C# programmer can use for building their C# PDF apps:

  1. C# Generate PDF library is multi-threaded, so you can sandbox your C# PDF app in a safe environment.
  2. The C# PDF library preserves the Outlook attachments in PDF.
  3. The C# PDF library adopts the input document to paper size and layout.
  4. The PDF document preserves the Hyperlinks.
  5. The C# PDF library allows you to use Native C# and COM objects.
  6. The advanced C# PDF printer engine guarantees the accuracy of the PDF output.

Download C# Generate PDF to explore more features fully.

C# Generate PDF library can customize your PDF Apps

  1. You can customize your PDF page size and layout.
  2. You can control the PDF quality with font settings.
  3. You can control image quality in the PDF.
  4. You can control PDF metadata for easy PDF classification.
  5. You can print Watermarks and stamps on your PDF.
  6. You can Control Viewer settings for PDF appearance
  7. You can encrypt and secure the PDF document.
  8. You can digitally sign the PDF document.
  9. You can control PDF compatibility: PDF/A, PDF/X.

The C# Generate PDF library Action Center gives you ready to use C# code for your PDF App

To get the code for your C# PDF App, simply pick it from the Action Center as follows:

  1. Follow this link to get the C# Generate PDF library
  2. Start the easy PDF Action Center by clicking on it
  3. Start the easy PDF API Explorer and then Printer
  4. Now generate your code by choosing the settings. Sample C# PDF code is visible in the code window.
  5. Download the sample C# PDF project or copy and paste the C# code to your PDF App.


Some useful resources for your ready C# PDF reference:

  1. BCL easy PDF SDK User Manual.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. Sample C# Generate PDF Files.

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