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Here’s how to create a C# HTML to PDF App with no coding:

  1. Download and install easy PDF Action Center.
  2. Select C# as your programming language and HTML as your input source for the PDF.
  3. Select the features you want to use in your C# HTML to PDF App.
  4. Generate and download C# code to include in your project.
  5. Or Download a C# HTML to PDF project or a functioning sample App.

Here is sample code that shows the simplicity of using easy PDF SDK.

Type type = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("easyPDF.Loader.8");
Loader oLoad = (Loader) Activator.CreateInstance(type);
Printer oPrin = (Printer) oLoad.LoadObject("easyPDF.Printer.8");

IEPrintJob oIEPJob = oPrin.IEPrintJob;
IESetting oIESet = oIEPJob.IESetting;
oIESet.PrintBGColor = true;

oIEPJob.PrintOut(Server.MapPath (@".\input.htm"), Server.MapPath(@".\output.pdf"));

easy PDF SDK is a full feature PDF creation toolkit that allows you to develop desktop and server .NET apps. To produce the most accurate PDF, easy PDF SDK uses printer driver technology that produces PDF authentically. This printer driver approach is the same one used by one of the largest PDF companies. easy PDF SDK allows you to create PDF Apps that:

  1. Generate PDF/A and PDF/X forms for archiving and prepress data interchange.
  2. Run PDF creation in memory for high-speed operation.
  3. Create 32 bit and 64 bit PDF Apps.
  4. Create Sand Boxed PDF apps to protect your system from crashes.
  5. Create PDFs from attachments to Word and Outlook.

Use easy PDF SDK Action Center to get started quickly.

To generate an App quickly without reading any manuals, just run the easy PDF SDK Action Center. Download easy PDF SDK and install it. In the Action center’s Graphical User Interface:

  1. Select the settings for your PDF (size, font, image etc.).
  2. Pick the programming language you want (C#, in this case).
  3. Hit-run to generate a sample App to test your HTML to PDF Creation.
  4. Once you are satisfied, generate sample code for your app or a Project file to create a new App.

These are the features you can use with C# to create HTML to PDF Apps:

  1. Printer Setting (page size, orientation etc)
  2. Font Setting
  3. Image Compression Setting
  4. Meta Data Setting
  5. Stamps and Watermarks
  6. PDF Viewer Settings to control how the PDF is displayed
  7. PDF Encryption
  8. PDF Signature
  9. PDF Standard (PDF/A, PDF/X)
  10. And More



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