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PDF Online delivers you a perfect document in time to turn in your hard work
It's fifteen minutes before your final paper is due for your computer security class. You finish your paper, only to realize that you are working with Microsoft Word and your teacher will only accept the document in PDF format. What do you do??? Google frantically for "doc to pdf" hoping to find something, anything. You find a site that claims they will convert your document for you, but you have only got 15 minutes and are skeptical. If the site doesn't work, you fail. You give it a try and PDF Online delivers you a perfect document in time to turn in your hard work.... Thank you so much for providing this online service that rescued me in my time of need.
- Andy Reagan,
UCSC Student


I just uploaded an 86-page document and it came back literally within the minute
Just wanted to say thank you - your PDF conversion service is AMAZING!
I just uploaded an 86-page document and it came back literally within the minute, and looks absolutely perfect. Great service!
- Charlotte E. Gill


PDF files translate professionalism
As a business owner, PDF Online is a great resource. It has enabled our team to enhance the credibility and quality of our brand when we email documents to clients. PDF files translate professionalism. Thanks for offering this great service!
- Tim S


I googled "pdf convert" and found you... on the top "organic search" line
I needed to publish my resume & some of my company brochures into PDF format for a government online sales proposal. I was so baffled I finally googled "pdf convert" and found you... on the top "organic search" line!  My .pdf's forwarded flawlessly through both gmail and my disposable email service.  Sweet (FREE) DEAL!
- Tim W


It is hard to believe that such a quality service is free.
It is hard to believe that such a quality service is free. Kudos to you all.  As a small, grassroot, nonprofit association,100% volunteer this has been a vital asset.  When our volunteer IT staff said we need to buy it and I came across your site, he could not believe it.  Thanks and keep up the philantrophic work
- Ahmed Elmi


Thanks you saved a lot of time
I wanted to prepare a questionnaire for my research project. I made the doc on MS word and then converted it to pdf from ur site. Thanks you saved a lot of time and also gave my questionnaire a professional look. Keep UP the Good WorK!!!
- Vishav Vikram Kapoor
Da-IICT, India


Wherever I am, whenever I want, PDFOnline helps me out!
PDFOnline is everywhere... Whenever I am in a rush trying to send documents this technology is wordly available and I always get the files perfectly converted after no more than a minute - that is fast, even less than what it takes to convert them with an installed software.
Thanks a lot BLC Technologies team!
- Antonio Galvan
Mexico City, Mexico


You saved my life
VERY WELL DONE. Congratulations for the idea. You saved my life: I had to fiinish a document within midnight and I was in rush mode. At the end I converted it with your online service, after having installed and waisted my time with other "supposed to be" free tools
- davide c.


Thank you for saving me time and money
I am an office manager for a dental office. We Microsoft office usually fits our needs when it comes to creating forms. We are working with a company that wanted our forms on PDF. I am so glad that I didn't need to purchase a program to convert only four documents. Thank you for saving me time and money.
- Evalyne

I find the service so fast, so reliable and so simple that I use it exclusively
I am very active in the sailboat-racing community in Southern California and am often called upon to write sailing instructions and notices of race, usually in Microsoft Word, or create course charts, usually in Microsoft PowerPoint. In order to create copies that are easy to send to others for pre-publication review, I convert them to PDF format using PDFOnline; while some cannot read PowerPoint files or even have issues with Word, practically everyone can read a PDF file. And converting the final versions to PDF allows us to post uneditable versions to a website or e-mail to our printer for reproduction. I find the service so fast, so reliable and so simple that I use it exclusively; I also recommend it to everyone else. Thank you for providing a truly helpful utility on the Web.
- Chris Ericksen


It really helps when you are in a bind and need a PDF now!
I use this service quite a bit. It really helps when you are in a bind and need a PDF now! Not every company provides the software you need to get the job done. This gets the job done.
- Al Lucero Jr.


So smart that you do not to need to install anything
I converted a document with, tables, images, swedish letters with a lot of dots etc and I got a beautiful pdf! So smart that you do not to need to install anything. Thanks a lot!
- Ia Rohl


Seeing how you could solve the problem unlike Google or Microsoft, you should be proud. :)
I just wanted to thank you for converting my document to .pdf perfectly.  Everything lines up correctly, which is important for a resume.  I'd been looking for other free options and tried another service (Google Docs) before I tried yours. 

Google Docs first wouldn't load my .doc version for some reason, so I had to convert my .doc to .html.  When I did that in Word, it didn't like one area of my document (I had to change the spacing on something), so I had to agree to modify it.  Maybe I should have tried Open Office, anyway it then saved as an .html.  After that, uploaded this version to Google Docs and noticed the spacing was completely off in several places.  I figured "maybe it will still work," so I downloaded it as a .pdf version.  It was quite bad, to be honest, worse than the original .html version (and even different from the display in Google Docs).  I tried a few other versions, without success; even .html which, ironically, looked nothing like the original .html I uploaded.

Despite my disappointment with GMail, I thought Google could help.  It did and you showed up first.

I suppose the story is somewhat tedious, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your work.  Seeing how you could solve the problem unlike Google or Microsoft (well, I suppose Microsoft isn't that great), you should be proud. :)

- Ted


Thanks so much, you saved my butt!
Dynamite service....thank you. I found you on a blog on the microsoft site regarding microsoft publisher....and no viewer. Someone mentioned your site....I will be back!! Thanks so much, you saved my butt!
- Lee Eberhart


The best part of the whole deal is that it's free!!!
Your site is awesome! I have it saved in my favorites and I get a lot of use out of it! The best Part of the whole deal is that it's free!!!! You guys are a major help in the business world! Thanks again!
- Jamie DuPaw


I can't thank you enough
Thank you for the wonderful service!! Am in a bit of rush actually, hence cant thank you enough. I just used your website to covert a word doc to pdf. And even though it didnt work the first time, it did the second time. And I am extremely delighted!!
- Hiral Patel


[PDF Online] makes it much easier than trying to use a software
I am very impressed with the quality of your pdf conversions. I use if for my MS Publisher newsletter for my church group. It makes it much easier than trying to use a software that everyone has. I have told many of my friends about your site.
- Cindy


This is an invaluable free service
Hi and many thanks. This is an invaluable free service for low volume users like myself who otherwise could not afford PDF conversion.
- Jim Gray (Scotland)


Low and behold, you guys saved my gluts
You saved the day. I am a medical student-I was supposed to give a presentation on powerpoint but arrived only to discover that the room's pc were too "secured" to allow other programs but the medical info system to run. Devastated. I tried cutepdf writer-couldn't install. Then I googled frantically. Low and behold, you guys saved my gluts. Fine pdf was in my email in seconds. You made me shine.
Hugs and Kisses.
- Ope


A real godsent for small entreprises like mine
I just started my business here in Belgium and PDFOnline is a real godsent for small entreprises like mine. You’re reliable and fast. Please keep up the good work.
- Helene Skouveroe


Without your help we would have not have been able to apply for the grant
This is great....I am writing a grant proposal and the requirement was PDF format, without your help we would have not have been able to apply for the grant.
- Denise


And then when I was ready to scream, I found your site !!!
You are wonderful, wonderful, fabby, brilliant, marvelous people !!!!! I have been trying to scan in some photos for ages. Twice I have scanned them and saved them onto a cd only to find I didn't save them properly. And now I have scanned them onto a memory stick only to find that my MAC can't read TIFF files !! Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggggg !!!!!! How annoying ????? And then when I was ready to scream, I found your site !!! It works, its fast and its free. I love PDF Online !!
- Best regards, Sandie


Thanks for working for the "little guys"
Everything went through beautifully. This is definitely helpful for the student, the small business owner, etc etc. Thanks for working for the "little guys".
- Emily Katt


It's amazing to see how something so complex can work so efficiently!
It's amazing to see how something so complex can work so efficiently! I rank PDFOnline as the best available tool on the web. It gives you so much diversity of converting documents into PDF format. At the best part is that it's ABSOLUTELY FREE ! Thanks a lot guys. Keep up the good work.
- Nimit Aggarwal
Student, University of Melbourne


I've used the website for almost half a year
I just wanted to say great work with PDF Online. I've used the website for almost half a year. I keep expecting to catch or something with the site, because it keeps producing great PDFs time after time. Thanks so much for this service. It has come in very handy!
- Sandra Boone


This is the greatest PDF conversion system I have ever encountered on the Internet
I just have to say that this is the greatest PDF conversion system I have ever encountered on the Internet "you send the file and provide your email address and in a couple of seconds you get an email back with the PDF attached" and I'm excellent at finding what I want through search engines. This process is extremely fast and doesn't fail or require you to install anything either. The process just requires your email but it's a secure connection and I have never received spam from using this service. Thanks for your incredible technology and letting us use something as the result of your hard work to make millions of lives just a little bit easier ^_^.
- Tim Johnson


Thanks for the Free PDF conversion
I really appreciate it. My "built in " PDF conversion software made gigantic files which were unusable - Your site converted the same document and produced much smaller PDF files.
- T. Calder

Picture Perfect
I was desperate...your results were picture perfect! Thanks!
- Rhonda Greenhaw Wood


Thank you for making me look good
Thank you so much for your service. I am currently job hunting and now that many locations are accepting resumes via email your service has proven invaluable. I can ensure that my resume arrives looking as good as it did when I sent it out - and without many of the virus risks that other attachments may have. It also shows that I have the high level computer skills that I claim to have. Thank you for making me look good!
- Sandra


I Googled 'free PDF maker' and PDF Online was one of the sites that came up.
As a 17 year old I recently became the Publicity Officer at my local Pony Club. Quite proudly I finished my first newsletter (three pages including rider profiles, articles, information, images and headings) before it occured to me, I used Publisher - not the best document to be emailing and uploading, due to its problem with compatibility and 'dotted boxes' everywhere. What to do? I Googled 'free PDF maker' and PDF Online was one of the sites that came up. Was I sceptical? Of course! As if there would be a program that would covert my Publisher document to a PDF online, quickly, however many times I wanted to and always free!

Well I was proved wrong and has just spent the last 5 minutes purring at my beautiful PDF newsletter, which I have uploaded to my Club's website (something I also created and am in charge of). Rest assured I will be using PDF online for all my Newsletters as well as entry programs for shows (Since my mum is the secretary and can't use computers, something I also do).

THANK YOU for making my life so much easier in three easy steps! Well, four if I include hitting the 'Convert to PDF' button!

- Amelia Greenfield


The cafe administrator didn't give me rights to install any software. I was in deep trouble
I needed to convert a document to PDF and I was in a cyber cafe. The cafe administrator didn't give me rights to install any software. I was in deep trouble, as the document has to go at any cost. Then I found your website. I was truly surprised when my documents got converted in a real time speed and delivered to my mailbox. Thanks a million.



I will recommend it to others!
I just wanted to say thank you! We are a small business and I have spent better than an hour trying to way to convert a document to a pdf. I really appreciate your web site and will recommend it to others! Thank you again.
- Lynda Fralish, Office Manager/Marketing Specialist
Ladybug Home Care


I just love it
I absolutely recommend this site to anyone. I don't really like downloading software and the easy processing that you offer it is just so easy. I just love it. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful service available.
- Genna Mark, Canada


"Twice now your wonderful online pdf creator has saved my bacon."
My employer receives all sorts of correspondence and he has recently had two important attachments in .pub format. Unfortunately, we only have Publisher '98 which refused to open the documents because they were created by a later version. After much wasted time trying to find an alternative program that could open them, I came across your web site. BINGO! Documents reformatted as pdf's in no time. Thank you!
- Frank

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast your service converted my original document!
One is always skeptical when told that something is free, so of course I approached your website with hesitation. I work with clients overseas that don’t always have access to the types of software we use in here in the states and needed to convert some award certificates into PDF. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast your service converted my original document! Thanks so much you guys! Your service is invaluable!
- Tameka Mullins
USA Girl Scouts Overseas - GSUSA


"Documents converted with PDF Online always come out perfectly"
Thank you so much for a quick and easy yet thorough service. I don't often have to convert documents from Word to pdf, but on the occasions when I do have to it is an important document that needs converting. With a deadline. Written in stone. Documents converted with PDF Online always come out perfectly.
- Suzanne Kusar, CMT


Thank you so much for PDF Online.
I've just converted a Word document, full of graphics, heading styles and fiddly formatting, and it turned out perfectly (it was super-fast, too). Thank you very much indeed.
- Cath Gillespie
Brisbane, Australia


Thank you – you helped me save the day!
I’ve just tried PDF Online for the first time and am very impressed.  Our web master is out for 2 weeks and someone needed something posted now – only the web master is the only one with the PDF conversion software and we couldn’t get in his computer.  I tried your free conversion service and had my pdf file in under a minute.  Thank you – you helped me save the day!
- Patricia Gurney


You literally saved my day
Oh my god, thank you so much for your free PDF converter service, you literally saved my day. It worked like a champ on a .pub file my client sent me that I could not open. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
- Robin Baker


It has been most helpfull to me and to our project team.
Our MIS Project Managment and Implementationat professor at Texas A&M University made us publish through the whole semester PDF documents from the different deliverables generated from a make-up project. The alternative given by the TA was to install a software that could "print" the file as PDF, however with PDF Online, you can have the same results, directly to your email without installing nothing! Thanks for the service provided, it has been most helpfull to me and to our project team.
- Felipe Torres
Texas A&M University


Thank You! You Saved Me Money and Time
I am a student in the UK who is on my school's studen union, I have to prepare minutes and agendas, however I could not just put them onto our website, without converting to pdf. So I used to have to travel to our town centre, the opposite way to my home, every Thursday after School, to convert the file into pdf at a computer shop which also cost me 2.50 pounds per time. Now I can do the whole lot from my desk in less than 15 minutes, including the conversion and upload to my website. Thanks PDF Online!
- Chris Bateman


PDF Online is such a great service.
When I've needed to get a multi format document to someone in a hurry - and in style - you've come up trumps. Great work. Thanks again
- Simon Mackfall, UK


Your site works like a champ!
I am taking online college courses and one of my projects was to work with a partner to create a short web site about our given topic. I use MS Front Page and she is using MS Publisher. Needless to say, never the twain shall meet, so to speak, when it comes to combining and producing one product from the two. I submitted the .pub that she had compiled from both of our work and your .pdf converter made a product that I could view and subsequently could print to submit as the final product. Your site works like a champ!! I just wanted to say job well done and THANKS!!
- Keith Hunt


Worked in no-time, perfect job, great service!!
I was stymied in trying to convert a .pub file to PDF, and did a Google search for a solution, and I found you! Worked in no-time, perfect job, great service!! I seldom get "awed" but I sure was this time! THANKS!!!!
- Andrew Wakshul


I really appreciate the free service
I have been using to create downloadable pdf documents of my missing daughter Rachel's reward flyer. I really appreciate the free service. More information may be found on
- Robert Cooke


Your pdf converter is a lifesaver!
I don't think I have ever written a testimonial for a compan y but in this case, I absolutely had to thank you because your pdf converter is a lifesaver! I have been completely stressed out for days because I couldn't get my Publisher file to covert properly into pdf using my university's online pdf converter program. I spent many many hours trying to figure out other ways to make it work, like copying the Publisher file onto Word, Adobe Photoshop, anything! Obviously nothing else worked. And last night, when I was trying to fall asleep and still stressing out about it, I realized that perhaps I could find my own pdf convertor that worked better than my university's so here I am at 8:00 AM the next day and I'm ecstatic that I can finally stop worrying! Thank you so much again for your program!
- Michelle Chan


I am very grateful for PDF Online"
I am very grateful for PDF Online, they offer a free converter that changes Word, Excel and Publisher files (amongst others) to pdf files. Thanks guys, you are awesome!
- Dzeni
A blog whose function began as an experiment.
Stay tuned to see what it will become.


This free service helps us save more money for our mission
I want to thank you for providing the pdf conversion service. We are a nonprofit who serves other nonprofits, and this free service helps us save more money for our mission, which can result in more lives saved or changed. Thank you very much!
- Andre' Conway
The Mississippi Center for Nonprofits


You saved the day
I was in a panic when my web designer asked for a PDF - I found your site and you saved the day.
- Marc


You certainly came to my rescue today
The online conversion service works great! You have a great product- I wish you all the best (you certainly came to my rescue today) Thanks much!
- Perry


Your service was very helpful
Thank you very much for providing this free service. Your service was very helpful in helping us update the documents for our website for the University of Pennsylvania's Learning Resources Center.
Our web address is located at
- Isaac Lai

It's first class

Thank you so much for supplying this service. It's first class and a boon to our impoverised little voluntary organisation. Long may you continue.
- Helena


Great Service!"
Its been said before guys...Great Service! You save the day.
- Aishwarya


We received the file back within minutes
My daughter (aged 9) needed to finish the school project she had been working on all year, called "My family Tree." She needed to finish it that night. Her Grandad had emailed her his family tree in Excel format, but we could not find any way to view it. Then we found your page! We received the file back within minutes, it was printed and included in the project. Finally we could all get to bed, and now everyone is happy.
- anonymous


My life has been much easier
Ever since I have found PDFonline, my life has been much easier and more productive. Your response times/turn-around times on the document submissions and conversions is incredible."
- UCSC college student

What a lifesaver
I'm really glad I found this PDF converter - what a lifesaver! I've been passing the URL on to everyone I know!
- Robin


I want to thank you for this wonderful service. I initially only needed 2 files converted to pdf and didn't want to pay a small fortune. In the near future, as my small business grows, I will order my pdf conversion program from your company.
- Diana

Thank you very much for this great onilne serivce- You guys are the best :)
- Marwa

I gotta agree, a very nice program and quality service. Keep up the good work
- Al

When I needed this conversion service I was thrilled to find that you offered it.
- Gary

I found PDFonline this year as I was surfing the web to find a program that would convert my Word documents to PDF for my students. I burn them to CD's and distribute them to teachers I work with. I also am a Girl Scout Trainer, and I have been slowly converting my GS files (over 100 MB) that get sent all over the world. I think that your free web application is WONDERFUL! You have truly made my day and school year!
- Cheryl

I don't normally do this, but I must say your service is outstanding! I just converted a pdf to html (for free!) and the file came back looking beautiful. We are a very small company who can't (yet!) afford lots of outlay on stuff we won't use much, but you have just saved me weeks of work. Thanks very much and I will be sure to link to you from my site.
- Mike

I had to convert a Word file into PDF format, and I tried unsuccessfully with several other applications. I'm so glad I finally found you, thank you so much, I will talk about your website to all my friends and co-workers. 100% quick and efficient!
- Ling

Simplemente, acojonante. Maravillosamente rapido y sin problemas! [Translation: Simply awesome. Wonderfully fast and without problems!]
- Noiree

Great Service. Thank you so much. I am a fan for life. You are really filling in a need.
- Abhishek

I found your service efficient and easy to use!
- David

Another satisfied customer here. Many thanks for your great service. I don't know what I would have done without your help.
- Iain

Your service is just fabulous! Every time I convert a document, I think to myself, "This is so slick!" My documents come out perfectly, and I am amazed at how fast the turnaround is. Thanks so much!
- Carol

Terrific Service! So very useful...
- Shirley

Thank you guys for a product well made and well supported!
- Jefsey

Great going guys... I have used this software a lot of times and i must say you have done a great job. I (we) really appreciate the fact that you have done so.
- Sandeep

Thank you for helping me convert my document to pdf. I really appreciate your business. More power!
- James Amado

FANASTIC Document created ... NICE Service ... would like to use in the future
- Shail

Thank you. Your product is very easy to use, cost effective, and high quality. I will tell everyone I know!
- Ann

What can I say? I have used your free service several times over the past 12 months and I am constantly amazed by the speed and simplicity with which you turn my word documents into PDF.
- Bill

Your convertor is awesome. I converted this PDF file into html and the whole thing with fonts, photos etc came out great.
- Richard

I think your service is great! As a nonprofit organization who does their own website with little training this will help us out a lot! Thanks so much.
- Helen

Hey thank you guys for your amazing service ! It really helps.
- Morad

I used the free web convertor and it was fast and flawless. I converted a MS Word XP DOC to PDF. My doc even had lots of tables and cells and it still came through exactly as it appeared in Word. I'd highly recommend this service. I used it to send my resume out for jobs. This way people will see the finished DOC without all the lines and boxes and crap that Word displays.
- Nathan

This free service is wonderful and saved me a lot of trouble and money
- Christi

Your Word-to-PDF conversion service is GREAT! Hard to believe it is free! Many many thanks!
- Eugene

There are too few quality free services out there on the net... This is one of them!!!
- Karen

This is one of the best on-line services that I've used ...great work and keep it up.
- Karthik

I've been using your service for a few months now and it's great! It makes my job so much easier! Thanks so much!
- Dawn

This was a great service. I was in a hurry to turn a word document into a pdf for a client and this site was extremely fast. Thanks!!
- Heather

When I tried converting this same document using Adobe's conversion program, their software translated it to a different font ... thereby completely changing the formatting and total number of pages. Your service is far superior in my opinion.
- Gary

My experience with PDFonline has been crucial to the success of my academia, career search, and business. Every PC user should use this service should they need to submit a document on a Unix system or if they do not have the full Adobe Acrobat to convert their files. I have used the conversion utility at PDFonline to obtain .pdf versions for many assignments and resumes. If I am on the road at a remote location, I can always count on PDFonline to return my documents in .pdf form for either a client, a website, or a friend. I thank PDFonline not only for helping me but for all the others that have forgotten to drop them a letter of appreciation.
- Bruce Becker

PDFonline has provided a cost-effective tool to help our non-profit organization. By having the ability to change documents into PDF's, we are able to reduce the cost of communication with our constituents as well as offer a greater amount of information via the internet. Thank you PDFonline! You are helping us to become more efficient with our use of technology.
- Lori Salzman

Fed up with scratchy faxes and complex screen-shot or graphics software? Convert your print document to online format with the help of PDFonline, a free online document publishing service by BCL Technologies, which makes plug-ins for AdobeAcrobat. Supported formats include .doc, .rtf, .txt, .xls, and .ppt. In a net shell: Time saver.

Thank you so much for the ability to turn my Word documents into a PDF format! I can't say enough how much I appreciate your offering this as you do! I just love it and am so glad I found you!
- Jennifer, Wisconsin

"Simply, your free service allows me to continue to work at home without an enormous amount of additional software, the poor resolution of faxes, and the ease of working my own schedule and always remaining productive and up-to-date. Thank You!"

"What a fabulous service you provide! What I was doing with screen shot software and PhotoShop to "convert" pdf documents to html, you did in less than a smidgen, an iota...less than a mere dot of a speck of time. Unbelievable!"

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