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Convert PDF to Word with BCL’s easyConverter

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For Programmers: BCL easyConverter SDK

Convert PDF to Word Programmatically

Write a few lines of VB, Java, C#, C++ to convert your PDF into Word and reuse the text or tables.

23| ...
24| EasyConverterLib::IPDF2WordPtr pConvObj = NULL;
25| pConvObj.CreateInstance(_T("EasyConverter.PDF2Word"));
26| pConvObj->ConvertToWord (InputFileName,OutputFileName,

27| ...

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Conversion Samples

See more conversion samples


Sample Projects

Sample project files to convert various PDF to Word can be downloaded from here


BCL easyConverter SDK User Manual

For End Users: easyConverter Desktop

PDF to Word Conversion Software for your PC

With BCL easyConverter Desktop you can convert the PDF into RTF and open it in Word preserving the formatting details of the original document. You can then edit (copy, paste, modify) the content of the PDF document in the converted Word document.

Purchase - $19.95

Download TrialFor Win 2000, XP and Vista

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