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PDF-to-HTML Converter API

Convert PDF to HTML

With BCL's PDF-to-HTML API, you can convert your PDF to accurately rendered HTML.

By converting PDF to HTML, you can:

  1. Publish the HTML on your blog or website so it is available for indexing by search engines.
  2. Search the HTML for content much far more easily than PDF.
  3. Use the HTML as an interactive form on your website.
  4. Easily extract tables from the HTML by importing it into Microsoft Excel. View table-conversion sample.

To get started, simply:

Download BCL’s PDF-to-HTML Converter API
Download sample code in the programming language of your choice (C#, VB, Java, C++..)
Build your own application and you are ready to go.

Licensing information

View conversion samples


Licensing information

View conversion samples

Preserve table formatting

We can now offer quicker and high quality translation from PDF"
PROMT Translation Solution
The integration of the BCL's PDF-to-Word programming solution with the PROMT translation technology allowed for a significant improvement of the translation of PDF business documents. Read more...

For PC Users

Convert PDF-to-Word.
No more re-typing.

Your PDF-to-Word converter has saved me hours of re-typing and styling tables."

Convert PDF-to-Word while preserving the table formatting, which you can copy to Excel for further editing.

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