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For Programmers  
     Create-PDF API      |      PDF-to-Word API      |      PDF-to-HTML API      |      PDF API for LINUX

Write a PDF program in a few minutes

Imagine how productive you would be if you could write 3 lines of code in a few minutes and have integrate PDF functions in your document work flow.

  PDF to Word and HTML
Here’s what you do:
Download a copy of BCL easyPDF SDK
Get sample code in the language of your choice (C#, Java, VB, etc).
Modify it and you are ready to go.

It’s that simple. Just try and see why programmers
are productive with BCL’s PDF SDK.

Download easyPDF SDK
For PC Users
      Create PDF       |       Convert PDF to Word       |       Create, Convert and Merge PDF

Convert PDF-to-Word

Your PDF-to-Word converter has saved me
hours of re-typing and styling tables

Convert PDF-to-Word while  preserving the table formatting, which you can copy to Excel for further editing.

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