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Create PDF from Word using easyPDF Printer

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BCL easyPDF Printer 6

Purchase for US$14.95

Create PDF from Word quickly

BCL easyPDF Printer allows you to create PDF from Word or any other application.

easyPDF Printer is a full function PDF creation software that:
Lets you print to PDF
Create Secure PDFs for printing, copying, modification and annotation
Control PDF file size by compressing images and Font substitution
Many more features (PDF/X/A, CMYK, Hyperlink, Meta Data, Watermark, Digital Signature, Appearance, 64-bit support)

Get your own copy for an introductory price of US$14.95 now for the next two weeks.

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For Windows 2000, XP and
Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)

"BCL easyPDF lives up to its name: It's easy to install and easy to use." - M. David Stone, PC Magazine

"Works perfectly, just as described. No problems. Very user friendly.
- Cheri Schaefer

"It is really an awesome product that has helped me to perform my day to day work with more accuracy and with stunning speed. Thank you."
- T.M. Devassy


Develop Powerful PDF Applications with just 3 Lines of Code


With just 3 lines of code, BCL easyPDF SDK can convert any document format into high-quality PDF file:

1| Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.6")
2| Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob
3| oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\input.doc", "C:\output.pdf"

Note: After you establish a connection with the COM Object (line #1) and get the PrintJob object (line #2), all you need to do next is to pass the input file and the output file (line #3). BCL easyPDF SDK will take care of the rest.

Learn more about easyPDF SDK.

easyPDF SDK Trial
The trial is a fully functional
software, with 30 day expiration.


Programmatically Unlock the Contents of Your PDF Documents

BCL easyConverter SDK

BCL easyConverter SDK's PDF2Word API allows you to programmatically convert Adobe® Acrobat® compatible PDF documents to Microsoft® Word compatible RTF files. These Word compatible files can then be edited, modified or mined for text, graphics, tables and lists.

  • Rich content conversion from PDF to Word compatible RTF
  • Only requires as little as 3 lines of code to implement
  • Works with many programming languages
  • Unlimited multi-threading

Learn more about easyConverter SDK

easyConverter SDK Trial
The trial only converts every
other page and comes with
30 day expiration.

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