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Create PDF in Your C++ Applications


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BCL easyPDF SDK 6.1

Create PDF in Your C++ Applications

To get started, download and install the trial software, and include the following code in your C++ application:


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16 | 
EasyPDFPrinter::IPrinterPtr oPrinter;
17 | 
18 | 
19 | 
EasyPDFPrinter::IPrintJobPtr oPrintJob = oPrinter->GetPrintJob();
20 | 
oPrintJob->PrintOut("C:\\input.doc", "C:\\output.pdf");
21 | 

easyPDF SDK's PDF Features

  • We use easyPDF SDK technology for PDF conversion and it works very well. We knew BCL is a solid company. We have also looked at several competitors and tried to use their products, but we like easy PDF SDK the best.
           When we talked to BCL Technologies’ design engineering team, we knew they had the knowledge and confidence to solve our problems.” Read the case study


BCL's easyPDF SDK is a full function PDF development toolkit that will allow you to:


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