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Extracting PDF Information


We Know PDF

What people like about easyPDF SDK:
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This is one of a series of articles to help make your PDF documents useful for your readers. Topics we will touch on include:

  • PDF Page Transformation
  • Highlight your PDF with Embedded Objects
  • Extracting PDF Content
  • Extracting PDF Meta Data
  • Bookmarking PDFs
  • Securing a PDF

Extracting PDF Content and PDF Meta Data

In this article we discuss how to extract information from and about your PDF. You can use this information
to distribute your PDF, reformat your PDF or just make PDF workflow decisions. There are two types of
information you can get from the PDF:

1. The first type is content. You can extract text from a specific set of pages or from a specific location.
2. The second type is meta data. You can find out the PDF's author, title, subject, etc. You can get the page size, rotation and count for printing and find out the PDF version for merging with other PDFs.

These methods are listed below:

What Benefit How Function
Extract text from PDF pages
Reuse text from PDF documents
Extract text from a set of pages and output to a text file
Extract text from a specific location Extract text from preformatted documents
Extract text from a specific location on a set of pages ExtractText2
Get Document Metadata Find the Author, Creator, Keywords, Password, Producer, and Title of a PDF document Get PDF Document information GetDocumentInfo
Get Page Size Useful for printing or merging PDF Get Page Size GetPageSize
Get Page Orientation Useful for printing or merging PDF Get Page Rotation GetPageRotation
Find Page Count Know the document size for further processing Get Page Count GetPageCount
Find PDF Version Number PDF version tells you what's possible with the PDF Get Major and Minor Version Number GetVersionNumber

To add any of these methods, simply download a fully functional evaluation copy of BCL’s easyPDF SDK and write a few lines of code. For instance to extract text through your VB program, simply add the following one line of code:

oProcessor.ExtractText "C:\input1.pdf", "C:\output1.txt"

It’s that simple. BCL’s easyPDF SDK takes care of everything else in a number of other languages, including C#, Java, etc. If you need help, drop us a line, our staff is waiting to help you.
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