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We Know PDF

What people like about easyPDF SDK:
“We have done a test with over 5 products and easyPDF is absolutely the best we have tested”

This is one of a series of articles to help make your PDF documents useful for your readers. Topics we will touch on include:

  • PDF Page Transformation
  • Highlight your PDF with Embedded Objects
  • Bookmarking PDFs
  • Extracting PDF Content
  • Extracting PDF Meta Data
  • Securing a PDF

Highlight your PDF with Embedded Objects

In this article we discuss how to draw attention to your PDF. This can be done by adding a note, drawing a circle or square, adding a hyperlink, adding text, or just attaching a file.

What Benefit How Function
Add a Comment
Put in comments that can be viewed or printed, but are not part of the main PDF document
Attach a note to a specific part of the document
Add Text to the PDF Add text that will be printed with the PDF document
Add text to the PDF itself AddFreeText
Add a Hyperlink Refer to external web sites Add a URL AddHyperlink
Add non PDF documents Add documents that can be viewed and edited in their original format Add a file to the PDF document AddAttachment
Comment on an area by putting a boundary around it Show a specific area you are commenting on Add a square or circle note AddSquareCircle
To add any of these annotations, simply download a fully functional evaluation copy of BCL’s easyPDF SDK and write a few lines of code. For instance to add a note through your VB program, simply write the following code:
oProcessor.AddFreeText "C:\input.pdf", _
"C:\output.pdf", _
0, _
0, _
10, _
10, _
"FreeText test here.", _
"Author", _
"Subject", _
24, _
RGB(0, 0, 255)
It’s that simple. BCL’s easyPDF SDK takes care of everything else in a number of other languages, including C#, Java, etc. If you need help, drop us a line, our staff is waiting to help you.
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