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BCL easyPDF SDK Full Java Support

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The Best PDF Toolkit Gets Even Better



We searched for months, Googled every site, evaluated Adobe® and other PDF tools out there. Only BCL easyPDF SDK (Software Development Kit) could meet all our requirements. We now have it deployed in 11 sites."
- Bernard Fazzini, NORTHROP GRUMMAN
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BCL releases the latest version of its enterprise class PDF development tool, BCL easyPDF SDK 5.1.

BCL easyPDF SDK 5.1 builds on its existing strengths of easy to develop, robust, scalable, PDF creation and manipulation library by adding:

  1. Full Java Support
    Create quickly from your Java Programs
  2. Improved Web and HTML Functionality
    Convert better and faster from Web Pages. View PDF faster in a Web Browser
  3. Physical Printing
    Send your PDF directly to a printer without  the overhead of a PDF viewer.

BCL easyPDF SDK is still the best PDF Software Development Kit.

It is the easiest PDF application development software that delivers enterprise class high speed, high quality and high reliability PDF creation.


What's New

1. Full Java Support

  • BCL easyPDF SDK now comes with an integrated Java Bridge, so programmers can develop PDF applications easily from Java applications. The integrated Java Bridge means Java programmers can call easyPDF SDK’s COM object without additional set up.

    1| IPrinter printer = new IPrinter();
    2| IPrintJob pj = printer.getPrintJob();
    3| pj.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName);

2. Improved Web and HTML functionality

  • Enhanced HTML Processing Preserves HyperLinks in PDF, Is Faster and More Accurate
    New HTML processing capabilities enable easyPDF SDK to create PDFs that retain clickable Hyperlinks in the PDF document. The new functionality also processes web pages faster and more accurately for PDF creation, and gives programmers more controls and options for generating PDF from HTML using easyPDF SDK.
  • Linearization of Large PDF Documents for Faster Web Viewing
    Programmers can now invoke new linearization features in easyPDF SDK to create PDF files whose first page will be displayed in the browser almost immediately, without waiting for the whole file to download from the web server before a user can start viewing it. This is useful where the system has to generate large PDF files with lots of pages, charts and graphics. The user can quickly start viewing the first page while the remaining pages download in the background. The result is reduced user waiting time and frustration, hence improved user experience.

3. Physical Printing

  • Print PDF Files to Physical Printers Programmatically
    Programmers can now use easyPDF SDK not only to create PDF files but to also send them to physical printers programmatically, without the need for Acrobat Reader in the whole process. The result is not only additional functionality and control but also enhanced stability in a server environment.
  • Invisible Date and Time Stamping of PDF Files Visible Only at Physical Printing
    Programmers can now use easyPDF SDK to do “invisible” date and time stamping of PDF files. The date and time stamp only appears when a user prints the file on a physical printer but is not visible when the file is viewed on the screen. The result is additional control and features in PDF creation for specialized needs.
  • Add Watermarks and Stamps To Existing PDF Files Without Recreating PDFs
    Watermarks and Stamps can now be added to existing PDF files, programmatically, without needing to recreate the PDF files. This Processor functionality improves speed, stability and accuracy, while eliminating extra steps and instability that occurs when Acrobat Reader has to be used in a server environment during PDF re-creation.


Enterprise Class PDF Creation SDK

Easy To Develop Applications

BCL easyPDF SDK is very easy to integrate into your current server and desktop applications, saving you tons of time and money in the development and maintenance processes. Create PDF that is Adobe® Acrobat® Compatible with as-little-as 3 lines of code.

1| Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.5")
2| Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob
3| oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\input.doc", "C:\output.pdf"


Unlike the majority of other vendors, BCL easyPDF SDK uses its own internally developed PDF engine. This engine is designed and developed from the ground up to deliver unprecedented quality and performance demanded by enterprise users.


BCL easyPDF SDK's speed and reliability has been tested in PDF Online, our free PDF conversion service. PDF Online server processes thousands of PDF conversions per day (with 99% success rate) and runs 24x7 with no human operator.

Robust exception and error handling

BCL easyPDF SDK has robust error handling built into it to allow trouble free PDF creation, modification and merging. Threads are monitored for time outs to make sure they do not stop an application’s operation. Each thread in BCL easyPDF SDK is isolated from other thread and does not affect their operation.


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