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We Know PDF

What people like about easyPDF SDK:

“We have done a test with over 5 products and easyPDF is absolutely the best we have tested”

This is one of a series of articles to help you make your PDF documents useful for your readers. Topics we will touch on include:

  • PDF Page Transformation
  • Embedding items in a PDF
  • Bookmarking PDFs
  • Extracting PDF Content
  • Extracting PDF Meta Data
  • Securing a PDF

PDF Page Transformation

In this article we discuss how to transform the pages in your PDF to make it more useful for your readers. You can combine files, break files apart, change page orientation, make files smaller, remove pages, and create new files from existing PDFs. Here is how you can do it with BCL’s easyPDF SDK.

What Benefit How Function
Combine set of PDFs Separate files into one Merge two PDF documents into a new PDF. Merge
Break files apart Smaller files with specific data Split a PDF into two files. The original file has the first part, the new file contains the second part. Split
Change orientation Readability for PDFs with rotated text and images Create a new PDF with a set of pages rotated to a specific angle. Rotate
Make PDF smaller Easier to Share Create a new PDF that is compressed and smaller. Optimize
Make PDF load faster on a web page Easier to view on the Web Create a new file that is a linearized version of the original file. Linearize
Create a subset Create a new PDF with only the necessary information Create a new PDF that has a range of pages from the original file. ExtractPages
Delete unnecessary pages Create smaller file with only necessary information Delete a range of pages from an existing file. DeletePages
To perform any of these transformations, simply download a fully functional evaluation copy of BCL’s easyPDF SDK and write a few lines of code. For instance merging two files is simply:

oProcessor.Merge "C:\fileA.pdf", "C:\fileB.pdf", "C:\fileC.pdf"

BCL’s easyPDF SDK takes care of everything else. It’s that simple. If you need help, drop us a line, our staff is waiting to help you.
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