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BCL Technologies releases BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0

World’s leading PDF software development kit now introduces 64-bit Windows version and PDF/A & PDF/X support in BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0

SANTA CLARA, CA, December 1, 2008: BCL Technologies today announced the release of BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0, the latest version of the most trusted software suite for programmers to integrate PDF-creation and processing capabilities into demanding, enterprise software applications running in web server, client server, and desktop environments.

BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0 adds three major new capabilities:

  • Support for 64-bit versions of Windows 2003/2008/Vista/XP: BCL easyPDF SDK is one of the first printer-driver PDF SDKs to work in 64-bit environments, something standard applications can do automatically but printer-drivers cannot (and the vast majority of PDF creation software is printer-driver based).  Customers who are switching to 64-bit operating systems to gain higher performance from servers with more addressable memory cannot use available 32-bit PDF printer driver tools. BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0 64-bit version now allows them to integrate or upgrade PDF capabilities to work in a 64- bit operating system environment, while gaining all the advantages BCL easyPDF SDK is known for.
  • PDF/A Standard support for long term archiving of electronic documents: PDF/A-1b is an archiving standard that requires documents to be 100% self contained, with fonts and other data embedded in the PDF file so it can be read without reliance on external source many years later. Many governments, regulated industries, libraries, newspapers, legal systems require PDF/A-1b compliant creation of PDF files. BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0 now provides programmers PDF/A compliance capability when integrating PDF creation into their applications and workflow.
  • PDF/X Standard support for exchange of print-ready PDF files in printing/advertising industries: PDF/X standard has been popularized by the printing industry to create PDFs that have embedded fonts and CMYK information, so when PDF files are exchanged between printers and their clients, the PDFs will retain their original integrity whether displayed on client or printer machines. BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0 now enables programmers to integrate PDF creation capabilities in application to generate PDF files that are PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-3 compliant.

In addition to these major new capabilities, BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0 implements many other improvements such as PDF to EMF (Enhanced Metafile) image conversions, compression for B&W images, added support for transparent images, support for single-page old-style JPEG-TIFF, XPS to PDF conversion, and several enhancements to further improve stability, speed, and performance.

“I‘d be happy to recommend your product to anybody wanting to create PDF documents programmatically. In our applications we have used BCL easyPDF SDK to replace paper printouts with PDF documents from existing reports, converting office documents, splitting, merging, inserting and deleting pages in PDF documents. Version 6.0 has been tested on a 64-bits server and everything worked very well,” comments Finn Å. Sørenssen, Senior Systems Designer, Midas Data AS, an early user of BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0

“I'm very pleased with BCL easyPDF SDK. The component API is clean and simple and the example code is clear and well documented. All of our development and production platforms are 64-bit, so having a 64-bit SDK was imperative to the success of our project,” adds Stephen Roylance, The Tech Report LLC, another early user of BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0

BCL easyPDF SDK is the choice of programmers for its unsurpassed robustness, scalability and speed in high-volume server environments, comprehensive PDF feature-set, support of most programming environments, and ease-of- integration. BCL easyPDF SDK’s true unlimited multi-threading architecture delivers its scalability and speed, while its built-in extensive error and alert handling and tight integration with Microsoft Office contributes to its robustness. These designed-in server-grade capabilities enable programmers to integrate BCL easyPDF SDK with just 3 lines of code -- they don’t have to write code to take care of all the conditions BCL easyPDF SDK already has.

BCL easyPDF SDK allows programmers to finish and deploy robust projects quickly, and saves headaches and support costs after deployment, earning them the gratitude of customers and management. BCL easyPDF SDK has been trusted by leading corporations, software companies and government agencies, through six generations of product refinement, including such customers as Accenture, Best Buy, BMW, Boeing, Charles Schwab, Cisco, Citigroup, Ernst & Young, Experian, GE, Genentech, Microsoft, Minolta, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, SONY, and thousands of others.

BCL Technologies, founded in 1993 in Silicon Valley, is a leader in PDF creation, conversion, extraction, data manipulation and data mining solutions. Customers also rely on BCL to apply its expertise and technologies to develop specialized document content conversion and republishing systems that automate a wide variety of manual processes, saving time, increasing productivity and profitability.

BCL Technologies’ research arm conducts ongoing technology research that contributes to continuous improvements in BCL products. Areas of research include fuzzy logic, document understanding, information retrieval, neural networks, and natural language query processing. The company has developed patented, proprietary technologies through research sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Advanced Technology Program (ATP), NASA, NSF and other government agencies.

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