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May 18, 1999
BCL Technologies announces Magellan 4.0, a Windows® 95/98/NT4.0 application designed to accurately convert PDF files into HTML. Magellan 4.0 has been engineered to give publishers the ability to maximize the new features provided in Acrobat® 4. These new features add to those of Magellan 2.0, a Seybold HotPick.

March 12, 1999
BCL TAXReady bundles Adobe® Acrobat® Exchange® 3.0 (OEM), BCL Freebird (TAXReady edition), and IRS' Federal fill-in tax forms and instructions, in one convenient CD-ROM package at a low price of $49.00.

March 2, 1999
BCL Technologies today announces Jade 1.0 and Magellan 2.0. Both are Windows® 95/98/NT4.0 application designed to accurately convert PDF files into other formats.

February 22 , 1999
Adobe® adds editing options to Acrobat® 4
The software's reuse feature enables users to treat file elements as structured content that can be moved or edited--something Extensible Markup Language handles inherently well.

January 14, 1999
BCL Technologies releases Freebird 2.0 and Freebird Lite. Freebird 2.0 added significant improvement over 1.0. Users can now convert PDF to JPEG, BMP, as well as TIFF. Color is now supported. Download the free demo now. Freebird Lite offers PDF conversion to black and white TIFF, one page at a time.

January 10, 1999
BCL Technologies and Alcom have come to a tentative agreement where BCL will be a reseller for Alcom's LanFax. The already successful LanFax has been integrated with BCL FaxAssist which will push LanFax's capabilities even further.

October 5, 1998
BCL Technologies releases Beta versions of Magellan 1.0 (PDF to HTML conversion tool), Freebird 1.0 (PDF to TIFF conversion tool), and Jade 1.0 (PDF to RTF extraction tool). Sign up now for free downloads.

September 1, 1998
BCL Technologies is opening up an opportunity to the public to beta-test its new Fax Solution products, FaxMail 1.0 and FaxAssist 1.0, for free. FaxMail is an easy to use application that routes incoming faxes via emails, providing users the ability to check their faxes from virtually anywhere in the world. FaxAssist is an automatic fax routing system that can route incoming faxes to the intended recipients with high accuracy.

July 3, 1998
BCL Technologies has discontinued the distribution of ForTE 1.0 Full Version. The Free Version will still be available to download. As an alternative to ForTE, BCL Technologies can offer an integrated custom PDF solution. Designed to meet users' specific needs, BCL Technologies' custom software enable users to concentrate more on their core businesses, not on mundane task of converting PDF data into the preferred formats. Current ForTE Customers will still receive technical support for one year from the day of purchase.

April 2, 1998
BCL Technologies announces ForTE product for extracting data from PDF documents

March 23, 1998
BCL Technologies has closed the ForTE BetaTester Program. We expect to release ForTE as a commercial product in the first week of April 1998.

February 1, 1998
BCL Technologies is pleased to announced FORTE, the latest edition to its suite of software programs. FORTE is BCL Technologies answer to the re-purposing of PDF documents; the user is no longer constrained to living to PDF as an end-product. FORTE is now available, in Beta form, from our website.

November 12, 1997
Datawatch announces Redwing (tm), an Adobe® Acrobat®) plug-in that unlocks data in PDF files.

August 5, 1996
BCL Technologies to Provide Investext with PDF Production Process.
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