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BCL Technologies Develops Data Mining Solution for Infosis

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. 4/10/00 - BCL Technologies has developed a data extraction and indexing solution for The Infosis Corporation in an effort to help the provider of parallel electronic publishing services cost-effectively convert and deliver content electronically.

Based Boston and the United Kingdom, The Infosis Corporation provides a range of electronic parallel publishing services to the publishing industry. The company's primary focus is providing services that leverage the content and brand identity of existing print publications, providing clients a fast, cost-effective way to establish a web presence and generate new revenue. While Infosis' products maintain the look and feel of the original publication, they also add web-based interactivity, adding value and enhancing the user experience.

A core part of Infosis' service to clients such as publishers, retailers and catalog companies is the extraction and repurposing of content from digital pre-press files, often in PDF format. The high-volume, fast-turnaround production environment at Infosis requires an efficient PDF data-mining tool. Moreover, because of the rich graphic layouts of many print products, Infosis required a cost-effective data extraction tool that would allow them to graphically define regions on a page, and extract the content from only that region.

To help Infosis accomplish this, BCL has developed a customized version of its own Jade® software. Designed to extract text, tabular data, and graphics from PDF files for editing and manipulation in applications such as Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, and Adobe® Photoshop®, Jade® uses a unique zoning feature to target data that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, while also leaving behind superfluous data that would be unnecessarily extracted by a general document conversion program. The application customized for Infosis uses Jade's® zoning capabilities to extract each piece of content as an individual graphic and place it into the appropriate directory for datamining purposes.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., BCL Technologies is a software company conducting research in, and developing products for, computer-based document management and computer command and control systems. Areas of expertise include neural networks, fuzzy logic, document analysis, information retrieval, database technologies, natural language processing and knowledge representation.

In particular, the company has established a reputation for developing ground-breaking repurposing software solutions that take documents originally published for more traditional media and repurpose (or convert) them for a variety of different electronic media. BCL has developed software for conversion of partial or whole documents, extraction of graphics and server-based solutions that convert and catalog documents, readying them for access.

While many of its applications are designed for individual use, BCL also tailors its software solutions to meet the repurposing needs of corporate clients. It has been successfully working with companies to improve their workflow efficiency since 1994 with products such as Jade®, Magellan®, Freebird®, and GoHTM®. BCL's policy has always been not only to provide an immediate solution to meet its clients' needs, but also to help companies grow in their respective fields.

The Infosis Corporation can be contacted at 617-691-5300, or online at www.infosiscorp.com.

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