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BCL Technologies Tailors Freebird and Magellan for IMS Use

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. 4/20/00 - BCL Technologies is now providing the conversion and extraction capabilities of its Magellan® and Freebird® software to Infrastructure Management Systems (IMS).

With offices in New York City and Dublin, Ireland, IMS provides dynamic publishing, web development, electronic documentation, Lotus Notes programming, training and development and client/server application services to such clients as Bayer, Chase Manhattan, Lloyds Bank and MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority), Bridges and Tunnels Division.

The company specializes in helping corporations manage complex publication workflows, developing comprehensive, interactive web sites and creating hypertext online information systems that streamline the creation, maintenance and dissemination of their clients' corporate polices and procedures.

To help IMS streamline the process of converting corporate information for web sites and online information systems, BCL customized its Magellan® and Freebird® software to help the company handle the high volume of material being repurposed.

BCL's Magellan 4.1® converts PDF files into completely interactive HTML documents through a process that not only preserves original text layout and graphics, but also extracts and maps internal, external and multimedia hyperlinks and bookmarks to make them useable - not merely viewable - on the web. The application uses Cascading Style Sheets and Netscape's Layers to preserve original page structures, extracts and accurately places Raster and Vector Graphics into HTML output documents, rasterizing all vector graphics and saving them as JPEG files.

BCL's Freebird 4.0® accurately converts PDF files into multiple graphic output formats - TIFF, JPEG, and BMP - providing an efficient tool for converting documents with important graphic content. The application maintains the look and feel of the original document without losing graphic clarity or integrity, and supports color and black-and-white outputs, with an output resolution range of 100 to 600 dpi, enabling IMS clients to print complex technical drawings or flow charts from web sites and online information systems in with high clarity.

"IMS specializes in streamlining the process by which its clients communicate online with their internal and external constituencies. However, we found a void in the publishing technology we used to repurpose our clients' material," said Ethan Agai, president of IMS. "BCL's Magellan® and Freebird® were able to address our need for an efficient way to convert corporate information for the web, and as a result, we feel that this technology can address our clients' needs as well."

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., BCL Technologies is a software company conducting research in, and developing products for, computer-based document management and computer command and control systems. Areas of expertise include neural networks, fuzzy logic, document analysis, information retrieval, database technologies, natural language processing and knowledge representation.

In particular, the company has established a reputation for developing ground-breaking repurposing software solutions, primarily for e-publishers and content providers who need efficient ways to take documents originally published for more traditional media and repurpose (or convert) them for a variety of different electronic media. BCL has developed software for conversion of partial or whole documents, extraction of graphics and server-based solutions that convert and catalog documents, readying them for access.

All of BCL's applications share in common the ability to streamline the repurposing process for users. Rather than having to convert a source document for each different target media individually, BCL's software can automate the process by allowing users to convert documents, all while maintaining the content and flow of the original documents.

While many of its applications are designed for individual use, BCL also tailors its software solutions to meet the repurposing needs of corporate clients in an efficient way. It has been successfully working with companies to improve their workflow efficiency since 1994. BCL's policy has always been not only to provide an immediate solution to meet its clients' needs, but also to help companies grow in their respective fields.

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