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BCL Technologies Takes Magellan Technology to a New Level

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. 8/2/00 - BCL Technologies will soon be making one of its most popular document conversion tools available to a wider market with the release of Magellan® 4.2. A plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat®, Magellan® converts PDF files into HTML for online browsing, using a unique process that preserves original document layout - complete with graphics, lines, hyperlinks and bookmarks - while also transforming it into a useable and searchable document on the web.

Unlike previous versions, Magellan® 4.2 also makes PDF documents accessible on the older browser - Magellan® 4.2 reflows - rather than shrinks - content, so that documents can be displayed on these older browser with the original document "flow" intact.

To do this, version 4.2 uses the tagging capabilities and reflow technology of HTML 3.2 to separate a document's structure into zones, then automatically sequences these zones into a natural reading order, rather than simply shrinking the document's content or displaying fragments of a page. As with previous versions, Magellan® 4.2 provides HTML output for standard desktop displays using Cascading Style Sheets and Netscape®'s Layers technology to provide page structures that match the original's with the highest accuracy.

Magellan® 4.2's other features include:

Extraction and accurate placement of raster and vector graphics from the original document into the HTML output by rasterizing all vector graphics in the original and saving the images as JPEG files in their original sizes;

Accurate extraction and mapping of internal, external and multimedia (avi, wav) hyperlinks in the original PDF file to the characters in the HTML document (clicking on an external hyperlink in the converted HTML output file will open a new browser window to display the result);

Various zoom levels that allow users to increase or decrease the size of their documents once they are converted to HTML, making small print PDF documents more readable in HTML by increasing output size, and decreasing the output size if the document is too big to fit the target monitor screen;

MetaTagging, offering users the option of adding description and keyword MetaTags to files prior to the conversion process; and

Simplified navigation by generating the Acrobat®-style bookmark and page index navigation bar.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., BCL Technologies is a software company conducting research in, and developing products for, computer-based document management and computer command and control systems. Areas of expertise include neural networks, fuzzy logic, document analysis, information retrieval, database technologies, natural language processing and knowledge representation. BCL has been successfully working with companies to improve their workflow efficiency since 1994 with products such as JADE®, and GoHTM®. The company's policy has always been not only to give an immediate solution to meet its clients' needs, but also to help companies grow in their respective fields.

For more information about Magellan® 4.2, contact sales@bcl-computers.com or call 408-557-0230.

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