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BCL and CDS INC., Join Forces to Disseminate Canadian Investment Data

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. 11/21/00 - BCL Technologies and CDS INC., a subsidiary of The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited (CDS), have successfully collaborated to give Canada's financial services industry access to public company and mutual fund information.

"BCL's Redwing® product automates the conversion of PDF documents into ASCII format within our SCRIBE's document flow, a key step in the development of a fast and effective system that delivers comprehensive and timely financial information," said Janet Cloud, Director, SEDAR® Systems, CDS INC. "Our clients receive converted documents which they can in turn deliver to their customers, for their use in making informed investment decisions," Cloud added.

"Today's financial marketplace has put many extra demands on those responsible for engendering communication between all of those who participate in it. BCL's products can help alleviate those demands by streamlining not just the filing process, but the public information process as well," said BCL CEO Hassan Alam.

CDS is Canada's national securities clearing and depository service organization, established to improve the efficiency of the financial sector through the provision of depository, clearing and related services in both domestic and international markets. Appointed by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), CDS administers and operates SEDAR® (the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval), which enables securities industry firms to file securities documents and remit fees electronically with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities. A separate web site allows users access to SEDAR® company and mutual fund information in the public domain.

CDS offers the dissemination of SEDAR® information to subscribers in real time through SEDAR® SCRIBE (System for Canadian Real-Time Information Broadcast Electronically). This system allows third party information redistributors to receive documents and related company information from the SEDAR® system as documents are made public by the securities regulatory authorities. The SEDAR® SCRIBE system provides all SEDAR® documents in both Text and PDF formats, with each document accompanied by its relevant company-specific and filing-specific information in a machine-readable format.

BCL's Redwing® automates the process of converting documents for SCRIBE, functioning as a core engine to convert entire directories of PDF documents at once into the multi-page ASCII text required by the SCRIBE system. As a command-line software solution, Redwing® PDF-to-ASCII conversion capabilities can be called from the command line by SCRIBE administrators, allowing them to incorporate the PDF-to-ASCII conversion process directly into the SCRIBE document management flow.

The technology behind Redwing® is based on BCL's ground-breaking repurposing software solutions, designed for content providers who need efficient ways to take documents originally published for the more traditional media and repurpose (or convert) them for a variety of electronic media. All of BCL's applications share in common the ability to streamline the repurposing process for content providers, while maintaining the content and appearance of the original documents for end users.

As use of the web by both content providers and information consumers has expanded, BCL has extended the capabilities of its software products, developing solutions that convert and reflow content into the multiple formats. Most recently, BCL has moved into the development of software and server solutions that address the entire document management space. BCL has been successfully working with companies to improve their workflow efficiency since 1994 with products such as JADE®, Magellan®, Freebird®, and GoHTM®. Its policy has always been not only to give an immediate solution to meet its clients' needs, but also to help companies grow in their respective fields.

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