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BCL Technologies Introduces New FREE PDF Publishing Service

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. 5/1/01 - BCL Technologies., which established itself as a customer-service leader with its free, online PDF-to-HTML publication service, GoHTM.com, is launching another online service for customers. goBCL.com, a free server-based solution like GoHTM, allows users to submit documents from any Windows® application for publishing to PDF.

goBCL.com gives users a simple, cost-effective way to share documents through the standard, universal PDF format without having to purchase a separate software package in addition to the document authoring tools they already use.

Users simply point their browsers to http://www.gobcl.com and register. (Registration information is used only for returning the published PDF document to the user.) After registration, goBCL.com instructs the user to submit the document for publication through their browser. Users can submit as many files as they like, as long as the size of each doesn't exceed 5 MB. Then goBCL.com processes the document, generating an accurate PDF representation that preserves the content and layout of the original. Finally, goBCL.com zips and e-mails the final PDF output back to the user.

In the future, BCL Technologies plans to add other publication services to the site, giving users a central, online, "e-publishing service bureau" where they can publish documents for a variety of different target formats.

BCL Technologies is a privately held company that develops state-of-the-art document management software. All of BCL Technologies' applications share in common the ability to streamline the document management process - automating it while maintaining the content, appearance and flow of the original documents.

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