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Free goBCL Service from BCL Technologies is Back

goBCL: the fast, free and flexible PDF and HTML creation tool for business professionals

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. April 23, 2002 - BCL Technologies, Inc., a leader in document management and web publishing software, announced today that its free document publishing service, goBCL is back online with new and improved functionalities and advanced features. goBCL was offline for a short period of time while it was undergoing several major upgrades, but the service now is once again active. goBCL provides customers with a fast and free document conversion tool for creating PDF (Portable Document Format) or HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language) formats from anywhere in the world.

The goBCL service is available online at www.gobcl.com and has two format creation components. The PDF creation module converts a variety of formats including DOC, XLS, PPT, HTML and TXT to the universally accepted PDF format and emails the resulting PDF file to the user within minutes. This way, business professionals can immediately share any document in a universally accepted format. Similarly, the HTML creation module handles a variety of source document formats such as PDF, RTF, TXT, DOC, XLS and PPT. Once the user submits a file, goBCL will convert and email the resulting HTML file back to the user, preserving the original look and feel of the source document. This allows users to quickly publish documents on the web in order to quickly share or distribute information.

During the upgrade period, goBCL was aggressively tested from all angles. From these results, BCL Technologies managed to enhance the document conversion process even further. The service is now quite robust in rendering new document formats. As always, goBCL expertly extracts and places raster and vector graphics, as well as internal & external and multimedia hyperlinks. During format conversion, goBCL preserves document page structure and simplifies HTML navigation by generating an Acrobat® style bookmark and page index navigation bar. Now, users can submit as many files as they like, as long as size of each file does not exceed 500KB.

As a web based automatic PDF and HTML conversion tool, BCL Technologies goBCL service provides business professionals with the freedom to render documents from anywhere in the world... for free. BCL Technologies promises corporations an increase in workflow efficiency and productivity with its free, easy-to-use goBCL service.

About BCL Technologies

BCL Technologies is a leader in the document management and web publishing industry with state of the art software and services that aid in repurposing content for business professionals. Using its own, patented document mapping technology, BCL Technologies has developed software for publication of partial or whole documents, extraction of text and graphics, and server-based solutions that publish and catalog documents, readying them for electronic access via multiple display devices. All of the applications from BCL Technologies share the ability to streamline the document management process - automating it while maintaining the content, appearance and flow of the original documents. The company was founded in 1994 with headquarters in Santa Clara, California. For more information please visit www.bcltechnologies.com.

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