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BCL Technologies Introduces BCL easyPDF v.2.0

Quick and easy PDF creation tool for businesses and individuals

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. February 19, 2002 - BCL Computers, Inc., a leader in document management and web publishing software, today announced the launch of its BCL easyPDF v.2.0 - PDF creation software. The product is an easy to use, low cost PDF creation tool enabling corporations and individuals to create and share PDF files without the hassle of having to learn and purchase complex and highly priced software programs.

BCL easyPDF v.2.0 converts any type of printable Windows® document including DOC, XLS, PPT, HTML and TXT to the universally accepted Portable Document Format (PDF) with the click of a button. BCL easyPDF v.2.0 installs as a printer driver, making the creation of PDF documents as easy as printing. This gives users a simple way to share any type of Windows® document through this standard, universal document format.
BCL easyPDF v.2.0 key features include: TrueType font support that includes optional font embedding capabilities, direct PDF output functions, and options to subset fonts in order to dramatically reduce file sizes. Other features are Asian and western languages support, as well as scaling and character positioning capabilities. BCL easyPDF v.2.0 is Windows 2000/XP compatible.

BCL easyPDF v.2.0 provides an easy to implement low–cost rapid PDF creation solution for corporations and individuals. BCL easyPDF v.2.0 eliminates the high-costs of complex and labor-intensive software programs. It also brings an end to reservations about security issues associated with online PDF conversion services.

About BCL Computers

BCL Computers is a leader in the document management and web publishing industry with state of the art software and services that aid in repurposing content for corporations and individuals. Using its own, patented document mapping technology, BCL Computers has developed software for publication of partial or whole documents, extraction of text and graphics, and server-based solutions that publish and catalog documents, readying them for electronic access via multiple display devices. All of BCL Computers' applications share in common the ability to streamline the document management process - automating it while maintaining the content, appearance and flow of the original documents. The company is founded in 1994 with headquarters in Santa Clara, California. For more information please visit www.bclcomputers.com.

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