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BCL Technologies announces ALLPDF™ Converter, Brings Total PDF Solution to Office Users

Santa Clara, CA, June 29, 2004.
BCL Technologies announces ALLPDF™ Converter, Brings Total PDF Solution to Office Users

BCL Technologies, a leading innovator in PDF document solutions, today introduced a new all-in-one product that fulfills the typical business user’s PDF needs.

Users get three powerful functions that will simplify interaction with PDF files in a business environment with BCL’s new ALLPDF™ Converter. With ALLPDF™ Converter, users can create PDF files, merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF document, and open PDF files directly in Word for easy editing.

Starting at just $74.95 for a single user, with available discounts for volume licensing, ALLPDF™ Converter provides PDF solutions for an important segment of the market not served by Adobe. With its Acrobat® software starting at $299 and a 1,000-seat minimum for Acrobat® Elements, Adobe does not serve cost conscience customers who want basic PDF functionality at an affordable price.

“Companies with fewer than 1,000 employees still need a way to standardize their document management processes,” said Hassan Alam, BCL’s president and CEO. “Not only does ALLPDF™ Converter allow them to deploy PDF creation capabilities throughout their organizations, it gives them the additional tools they need to boost productivity in an environment with an increasing need for dealing with PDF.”

In addition to creating professional PDF files, ALLPDF™ Converter enables users to edit normally rigid PDF files they receive from other sources directly in Microsoft Word. By converting PDF to RTF or DOC format, ALLPDF™ Converter gives users the ability to edit PDF documents without having to retype them. While Adobe® Acrobat® Standard and Professional offer limited editing capabilities, ALLPDF™ Converter provides a true word processing experience.

“ALLPDF™ Converter virtually eliminates the learning curve for adopting PDF in the workplace,” said Alam. “With just the click of a button, users can create a PDF file or import a PDF document into the already familiar Microsoft® Word® environment. They will still create and edit documents using the same tools they use every day.”
ALLPDF™ Converter Features

Create PDF Files
Based on BCL’s easyPDF™ technology, ALLPDF™ Converter can be used to create PDF files complete with hyperlinks, bookmarks, security, encryption, and watermarks. One of the most important features is the ability to create digital signatures and sign PDF files as they are created.

Combine PDF Files
ALLPDF™ merges PDF files created from different documents, different applications, and even different PDF creation tools.

Convert PDF Files to Word DOC
Using BCL’s Drake™ technology, ALLPDF™ Converter creates an editable version of the PDF document in Word.

About BCL Technologies

BCL Technologies is the leading developer of state-of-the-art document creation, web publishing, speech and natural language solutions that are used to automate a wide variety of manual processes, saving time, increasing productivity and profitability.

The company has developed proprietary technologies through research sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Advanced Technology Program (ATP). These technologies assist in commercializing digital library research from NASA, NSF and DARPA. BCL Technologies is founded in 1994 with headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

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