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New and Improved Way to Publish SEC Edgar Filings – Introducing SEC Publisher

March 2, 2005

New and Improved Way to Publish SEC Edgar Filings – Introducing SEC Publisher™

Santa Clara, California – March 2, 2005 – When publishing financial reports in SEC Edgar HTML format, CFOs of publicly traded companies and people publishing financial data now save time, cut costs, and improve readability when they use SEC Publisher™ from BCL Technologies. Based on BCL’s patented PDF conversion technology, SEC Publisher™ is the most proven and reliable way to convert Word/PDF documents and reports into SEC Edgar HTML format.

Publishing SEC Edgar compliant financial reports can be time consuming and complicated or may involve costly outsider services. An important development from BCL Technologies has resulted in a very easy-to-use, reliable conversion system called SECPublishing™. Firms such as T.Rowe Price, Dreyfus and RR Donnelley rely on SEC Publisher™ to quickly and accurately convert Word/PDF documents into SEC Edgar HTML. SEC Publisher™ automatically and accurately detects and publishes structured information such as headings, titles, tables, graphics, lists and formatted text. The output from SEC Publisher™ is SEC Compliant HTML 3.2 and the system even has automatic handling of special SEC characters.

BCL’s new SEC Publisher™ gives the CFO, financial data publishers and their staff an amazingly quick and accurate way to convert financial documents to SEC Edgar HTML code. SEC Publisher™ dramatically cuts the CFO’s staff time spent on preparing documents for SEC publishing.

BCL is offering a FREE trial of SEC Publisher™. Go to www.secpublisher.com to download the FREE trial. Or call BCL at 408-557-0230 to make arrangements to test this system using your documents.

To learn more about SEC Publisher™, see more information on the web at http://www.secpublisher.com

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