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BCL Technologies releases Web2PDF Online Widget

Monday, July 16, 2007

Now it's your chance to gives your visitors the ability to convert useful information in your website into PDF.... and it's free!

To sign up, go to: https://web2.pdfonline.com/

So, why would your visitors want the PDF version of your webpages?

1. Unlike bookmarking, saving to PDF preserves the information found in your website.
2. PDF file is a lot easier to manage in the hard drive than HTML.
3. PDF is portable which makes it easy to send around using email.
4. PDF is multi platform, so it doesn't matter where it is created.

Other Benefits

1. Beside providing the PDF feature to your website visitors, Web2PDF Online also allows you to quickly convert any web page that you want into PDF. All you need to do is to enter the URL of the web page.

2. When your visitor are converting your web pages into PDF, they are basically "printing" it to PDF. So having printer friendly web pages will greatly improve the PDF output. There is a good article by Amit Agarwal on how to provide your visitors with printer friendly pages.

How do I get started?

1. Set the conversion options and test it against any website.
2. Generate the JavaScript.
3. Copy-and-paste the JavaScript into their webpage(s).

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