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BCL Technologies releases the Desktop version of easyConverter

BCL easyConverter Desktop makes it very easy and affordable to create professional-quality documents in the Microsoft® Word compatible file format, right in your own PC.

BCL easyConverter Desktop authentically maintains the contents of the PDF files when converted into Microsoft® Word compatible RTF files.  These Word compatible files can then be edited, modified, or mined for text, graphics, tables and lists.

Free Trial is available

Key Features

    * PDF to Word format conversion
    * Preserve Fonts
    * Preserve Single and Multi-column pages
    * Preserve Tables
    * Preserve Lists
    * Preserve Graphics
    * Page Fitting

PDF to Word format Conversion

Convert PDF to Word in 3 easy steps:

1. Open BCL easyConverter Desktop application,
2. Specify the PDF file that you would like to convert, and
3. Specify where you would like the RTF output file to be saved at.

Preserve Fonts
PDF fonts are mapped to the appropriate Word fonts with style, size and kerning to make accurate fit. UNICODE and Vertical Text are also supported

Preserve Single and Multi-column pages
Single and multi-column pages are converted to equivalent structures with text flow preserved to facilitate editing.

Preserve Tables
PDF tables with and without PDF table structures are detected and converted to Word tables automatically.

Preserve Lists
List are detected and converted automatically to lists in Word.

Preserve Graphics
Graphics are converted authentically and placed accurately on the page.

Page Fitting
Fonts and formatting are adjusted to make PDF page content fit on RTF page.

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