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BCL easyConverter SDK

PDF to Word Conversion API 5.0

Complete PDF-to-Word coding project in less time!

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What's New in 5.0

  • Improved text and table extraction
  • Improved image handling
  • Native doc format export

Easy to Use: Write PDF-to-Word Apps With Just 2 Lines of Code

BCL easyConverter SDK hides the complexity associated with converting PDF to Word into as little as 2 lines of code.

1 | Set oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2Word.5")

2 | oConverter.ConvertToWord("C:\input.pdf", "C:\output.docx")

Success Story

PROMT Translation Solution

We can now offer quicker and high quality translation from PDF

The integration of the BCL's solution with the PROMT translation technology allowed for a significant improvement of the translation of PDF documents.

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