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Installation Guide and User Manual

for BT Accord 10 and BT Accord 20 telephone headsets

Package includes:

BT Accord telephone headset (model 10 or 20 depending on your purchase)

BT Accord configuration box

BT Accord 10 universal telephone headset for BT Converse telephones and other corded telephones and telephone systems

BT Accord 20 universal telephone headset with noise-cancelling microphone for BT Converse telephones and other corded telephones and telephone systems. The BT Accord 20 has a noise cancelling microphone which can help reduce the background noise frequently heard in busy offices or call centres.

Replacement parts and accessories are available from your usual supplier or from

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Installing your headset

Before you connect your headset please ensure that any volume settings on your telephone are turned down to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

There are two ways of connecting your BT Accord headset to your telephone.

1) Direct connection

If you have a BT Converse, Relate 3000 or any other telephone with a dedicated headset port, simply plug the headset directly into the headset port on your telephone. You do not need to use the configuration box. Features such as mute and volume control will be driven by your telephone. Please refer to the instruction manual for your telephone if you are unsure how to do this.

2) Connection using the configuration box

If you do not have a headset port on your telephone you will need to use the configuration box. The configuration box allows you to connect the headset to your telephone and switch between the headset and handset. Please note that your telephone cord must be fitted with a standard RJ11 plug (this is the type of plug used on most telephones).





diagram 1

How to install and configure the configuration box

1Disconnect the handset cord from your telephone

2Connect the cable from the configuration box into the handset socket of your telephone

3Connect the handset cord to the handset socket of the configuration box (the socket next to the cable, indicated by the picture of the handset)

4Connect the headset plug to the headset socket of the configuration box (on the front of the configuration box, indicated by the picture of the headset, no. 4 in diagram 1)

Using the configuration box

The headset / handset selection button (no. 1 on diagram 1) lets you choose between using the handset and the headset. When the button is pressed you can use the headset, when it is raised you can use the handset.

Note: When using BT Accord 10 and 20 headsets you will always need to lift the handset to receive or make a call, and replace the handset to end a call.

The mute / talk button lets you place a caller on hold by pressing down to the mute position. The caller will not be able to hear you but you will still be able to hear the caller. To resume the call press the button again.

The configuration box does not need a battery to operate.



diagram 2

Quick disconnect

If you need to move away from your telephone during your call but don't want to remove your headset, simply disconnect the quick disconnector. This will leave your caller on hold.

Reconnecting the quick disconnector will reconnect

diagram 3

the call.

Congratulations, you are now connected!

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1If you have problems such as a high pitched whine or crackling noise whilst using the headset, you may need to change the settings on your configuration box for the headset to work properly with your

telephone / telephone system.

To do this, open the top cover of the configuration box. There are two selector switches marked 1, 2, 3, 4 and A, B, C (No’s 3 and 5 on diagram 1). These selectors create twelve possible settings for maximum compatibility. Try each setting one by one (for example, A+1, A+2, then A+3) until you can hear a clear dial tone through the headset. If more than one setting gives a dial tone then choose the clearest setting.

2If your caller is unable to hear you, check that your mute button is not depressed.

3If you cannot use the handset, check that you do not have the headset mode selected and that you have the handset and headset connected into the correct sockets.

Note: The factory default setting for the BT Accord configuration box is B+4. This works for the majority of telephones.


For your safety we advise that you keep this headset and its components away from any liquids. Do not attempt to effect repairs yourself; seek qualified advice. Always operate at a safe volume level to protect your hearing. Take a break after using the headset for a significant amount of time.

BT Accord Helpline

If, after following these instructions and carefully checking the settings, you require assistance with your BT Accord headset please call 0871 200 2276 between 9.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Calls are charged at national rate.

A copy of the Declaration of Conformity for this product can be found at

First edition. June 2004.