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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create text from image-based PDF using easyConverter SDK's OCR

Please refer to our user manual on how to use the OCR. It produces a PDF that is visually identical to the image-based PDF and contains invisible text over the image. This allows you to select the text while preserving the PDF's look and feel.

When should I use Symbol font in converting PDF to HTML with easyConverter SDK?

SymbolFontToUnicode is a new property added in easyConverter SDK 4 HTML. When creating an HTML file from PDF, it is generally not recommended to use the Symbol font, because Symbol is a Windows Exclusive Font. Other operating systems, such as Mac or various Smart Phones, do not have the Symbol Font, and thus it will not be correctly displayed. By setting this property to true, BCL’s easyConverter SDK will automatically translate the Symbol font in the PDF into Time New Roman in the HTML, which all operating systems can display.

How do I set PDF Properties in Languages like Java?

BCL's easyConverter SDK comes with a wide range of options to help configure our conversion process to serve your unique needs, and most of these are applied via properties of the various SDK Objects. But what if you are using a programming language which does not have Properties, like Java?

For these languages we provide Method equivalents of the Properties with a standardized naming scheme. To convert a property to a method, simply append 'get' or 'set' to the front of the property name.

For instance the following property;

oConverter.Sandboxed = True;

Would instead be implemented in Java as;


This is the standardized method naming scheme for easyConverter SDK.

Some cases that may cause incorrect character mapping

  1. The PDF is created by scanning a document.
  2. Fonts are not properly embedded in the PDF.
  3. The conversion server doesn't have the necessary font during conversion
  4. The encoding was lost during PDF conversion.

We will need to analyze your actual documents to know for sure. Please contact us with the document(s) attached.

Using easyConverter SDK

The easyConverter SDK Objects are a group of COM objects which contain the functionality to convert PDF to Word files. What are Objects?

All of BCL's COM Objects can be accessed from a variety of programming environments. This section shows the basics of COM Objects and how to access them. If you are already familiar with using COM Objects, skip to Sample Code to get started right away.

Requesting a Trial Extension

We also provide a trial license key to extend the evaluation period. Use our support form to request Trial Extension key.

Purchasing easyConverter SDK (PDF-to-Word API)

linux and OS X Versions

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linux and OS X Versions of easyConverter SDK are available.

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