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Command Line Syntax

The command-line easyConverter HTML SDK has the following syntax:

beconvh [<Settings>] [-password <password>] -in <InputFilename> [-out <OutputFilename>]

beconvh.exe is located in C:\Program Files\BCL Technologies\easyConverter SDK 5\Html, which should be added to the system path.

If an output file name is not specified, it will be chosen automatically by changing the input file's extension to ".html". For example, if the input is sample.pdf, the output will be sample.html, placed in the same directory where the input is.

Note: the -in switch can be abbreviated as -i, and the -out switch can be abbreviated as -o. If there is only one input file name and zero or one output file name, and the file names do not begin with a -, the -in and -out switches can be omitted, like this:

beconvh input.pdf output.html

If you are calling beconvh from the console or a BAT file, you may use relative file names. However, if you are calling it from an application or a server, you should be using absolute file names. If you are developing a robust tool, please use the -i and -o switches for each file name, because it is more robust that way.

Settings are optional. If you choose so, you may use default settings by specifying only an input file.

Settings can be grouped the following way:


You will be using command-line switches in order to change settings. Each switch begins with a hyphen (dash). For example, to change the image quality, you would write:

-quality 85

Most switches have an input parameter, usually a number or a string. Some switches don't have any parameters.